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Menachos 29


(a) When Rav gave the height of the Menorah as nine Tefachim, Rav Shimi bar Chiya queried him from a Beraisa concerning three steps.
What was his Kashya?

(b) How did Rav reconcile his statement with the Beraisa?

(c) What does the Pasuk in Divrei Hayamim ...

  1. ... say about the flowers, the lamp-holders and the tweezers?
  2. ... mean when it adds "Meichlos Zahav"? Why is 'Zahav Sagur' called by that name?
(d) In this connection, Rav Ami cited Rav Yehudah Amar Rav.
How did Rav describe the smelting process that he employed in making the ten Menoros, using Zahav Sagur?
(a) How do we reconcile our interpretation of "Meichlos Zahav" with the Pasuk in Melachim, which, after discussing Shlomoh's drinking vessels and the Beis Ya'ar ha'Levanon, adds that silver was valueless in the days of Shlomoh?

(b) Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Yehudah relates that once one of the Menoros of the Beis-Hamikdash turned out to be fractionally heavier (by only one Kurdinki Dinar) than the Menorah of Moshe (of one Kikar).
How did they reduce it to a Kikar?

(c) How does this clash with Rav Yehudah Amar Rav's previous statement?

(d) What do we answer?

(a) How does Rebbi Shmuel bar Nachmeini Amar Rebbi Yonasan explain the Pasuk in Emor "al ha'Menorah ha'Tehorah"?

(b) How do we interpret the Pasuk "al ha'Shulchan ha'Tahor"?

(c) Why can we not make the same D'rashah with regard to the Menorah?

(a) It is necessary to teach us that the Shulchan is subject to Tum'ah, Resh Lakish explains, because we would normally expect it not to be.
Why is that?

(b) In that case, what makes it subject to Tum'ah?

(c) The reason for this is based on a statement by Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi.
What does Rebbi Yehoshua Levi say about the Lechem ha'Panim? What is his source for that?

(d) What was then the purpose of the demonstration?

(a) What does Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Yehudah learn from the Pasuk in Terumah "u'Re'ei Va'asei ke'Savnisam Asher Atah Mor'eh ba'Har"? To which three Keilim does this refer?

(b) Based on the Pasuk there ...

  1. ... "Va'hakemosa es ha'Mishkan ke'Mishpato Asher Hor'eisa ba'Har", does it follow that Moshe was also shown the entire Mishkan at Har Sinai?
  2. ... "ve'Zeh Ma'aseh ha'Menorah", who showed Moshe the Menorah? What was he wearing?
(c) According to Tana de'Bei Rebbi Yishmael, Moshe had difficulty with the Menorah, Rosh Chodesh and the Sheratzim.
What does 'Rosh Chodesh' mean?

(d) What is Rebbi Yishmael's source for each of them?

(e) In what connection does the Beraisa quote the Pasuk in Tetzaveh "ve'Zeh Ta'aseh al ha'Mizbe'ach"?

(a) What problem do we have with ...
  1. ... our Mishnah, which rules that even one letter renders a Mezuzah Pasul?
  2. ... the suggested answer, that the Tana is referring to the Kutzo shel Yud? What does 'Kutzo shel Yud' mean?
(b) So we establish the Mishnah's statement by a ruling of Rav Yehudah Amar Rav.
What does Rav mean when he invalidates a letter that is not surrounded on all four sides?
(a) What is Rav Ashi'an bar Nidvach referring to when he rules in the name of Rav Yehudah 'Nikav ...
  1. ... Tocho shel Hey Kasher'?
  2. ... Yereicho, Pasul'?
(b) How did Rav Huna (or Rav Yehudah) qualify the latter ruling? Under which circumstances will even Nikav Yereicho shel 'Hey', be Kasher?

(c) What did Rebbi Aba rule when his father-in-law Agra told him that the right foot of the 'Hey' of "ha'Am" had a hole in it?

(d) We are currently referring to Hilchos Tefilin.
How do we know that the episode with Agra occurred with Tefilin and not with Mezuzah?

Answers to questions



(a) What did Rebbi Zeira advise Rami bar Tamri, the father-in-law of Rami bar Dikuli to do, when the leg of the 'Vav' in "Va'yaharog" (in the Parshah of "Ve'hayah ki Yevi'acha") was found to be broken?

(b) How would the child have read it to render it Pasul?

(c) Why did the child need to be ...

  1. ... not precocious?
  2. ... not stupid?
(a) What did Moshe find Hashem doing when he ascended Har Sinai to receive the Torah?

(b) Moshe asked Hashem why He needed to be reminded of the letters of the Torah (see Agados Maharsha).
How did Hashem explain to him the significance of the Tagin that He was tying?

(c) To which man was Hashem referring?

(a) What happened after Hashem acceded to Moshe's request for him to see him?

(b) When, sitting among Rebbi Akiva's Talmidim, Moshe was unable to understand what they were saying, he felt faint.
What was it that revived his spirits?

(c) What 'reward' did Moshe see Rebbi Akiva receiving?

(d) What did Hashem's retort, when Moshe asked Him ...

  1. ... why He did not then give the Torah through Rebbi Akiva?
  2. ... whether that was the apt reward for Rebbi Akiva's Torah?
(a) Which are the seven letters listed by Rava that require three Tagin?

(b) Where are the Tagin placed? How are they written?

(c) How did Rav Ashi describe the way the Sofrim who wrote with due care used to write ...

  1. ... the 'Ches'?
  2. ... the 'Hey'?
(d) What does the former hint at?
(a) When Rebbi Yehudah Nesi'ah asked Rebbi Ami ...
... about the Pasuk in Yeshayah "Bit'chu ba'Hashem Adei ad, ki be'Kah Hashem Tzur Olamim", how did he initially interpret it? ... why the Pasuk writes "be'Kah" and not just "Kah", he quoted him Rebbi Yehudah b'Rebbi Ilai.
How did Rebbi Yehudah explain that?
(b) What did he prove with the Pasuk in Bereishis "Eileh Toldos ha'Shamayim ve'ha'Aretz be'Hibar'am"?

(c) What is the significance of the fact that ...

  1. ... Hashem created this world with a 'Hey' (which is shaped like an Achsadra, which in turn, is enclosed on three sides)?
  2. ... the left leg of the 'Hey' is suspended?
(a) Why can the Ba'al Teshuvah not climb back in the same way that he went out?

(b) And we prove this with Resh Lakish.
What did Resh Lakish say, based on the Pasuk in Mishlei "Im le'Leitzim Hu Yalitz, ve'la'Anavim Yitein Chein"?

(c) What does this prove?

(d) Why does the 'Hey' then have a small Tag on the left-hand side?

(a) Based on what we have just explained, why is the 'Yud' so small?

(b) And why is the left-hand side of its head bent slightly downwards)?

(c) What did Rav say about a Seifer-Torah whose each column contains ...

  1. ... two mistakes?
  2. ... three mistakes?
(d) We ask two Tiyuvtas on Rav however; the first, on the current ruling. What does the Beraisa say about the same issue?
(a) Under which circumstances will the current ruling not apply, and the Seifer-Torah will become rectifiable, even with four mistakes per column?

(b) What additional condition does Rebbi Yitzchak bar Shmuel bar Marsa in the name of Rav require for the one column to save the Seifer from Genizah?

(c) When Abaye asked Rav Yosef whether 'one complete column' incorporates a column containing only three mistakes, what did Rav Yosef reply?

(d) When the Tana requires a Seifer-Torah with four mistakes per column to go into Genizah, he is referring to where the mistakes constitute Chaseros (missing letters), but not Yeseiros (extra ones).
Why is that? What, according to Rav Kahana, makes Chaseros worse than Yeseiros?

(e) What did Rebbi Aba say to Agra, his father-in-law, when he asked him about a Seifer-Torah with four Yeseiros on each Amud (column)?

Answers to questions

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