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There are 4 readings of the Shema.  The first two are by Rabbi Moshe Aaron under the guidance of HaGaon HaRav Avigdor Nebenzhal.  The first version is that of Nusach (Pronunciation) Ashkenaz. The second is Nusach Sephard. The third version is the Yemenite Version chanted by Yisshak Ssadok, Chazan at the Yemenite Shul Beth Lew, Jerusalem. The fourth is according to the early Sages/Authorities based on the research HaRav Ben-Ssion HaCohen in his book "Sefath Emeith".  This version is chanted by HaRav David Bar-Chaim, Ben Ishai Institute, Jerusalem.

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Nusach Ashkenaz | Nusach Sephard

Nusach Yemenite | Nusach Early Sages


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