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This site offers to you:

numerous representative examples of Rabbi Forsythe's writings in many important subjects central to successful and happy Torah living,
  an "Ask The Rabbi" e-mail forum for your questions (in his subject areas) to Rabbi Forsythe,
a descriptive listing of his huge offering of tapes, and
  e-mail contact with Rabbi Forsythe.


Exciting and important new subjects, and new materials for current subjects, will bring you additions or changes to this site at various times.  New sections, and new contents for existing sections, are periodically added.

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Newly added:

* "Ask Your Questions" contains very many new informative questions and answers!

Certain sections of this site (the "Shalom Bayis" Magazine, the "Finding Your Zivug" Magazine, the "Improve your Life" Magazine and the Ask The Rabbi questions/answers) will be updated regularly (generally once per month) and selected former materials will be archived.

To access new added and changed materials, you'll want to check this site at least once or twice per week.

The material available on this site will be of considerable interest to the reader. These writings are generally adapted from several books and numerous articles which Rabbi Forsythe is writing on Shalom Bayis/Jewish marriage, the "singles situation," bain adam laChavairo (interpersonal relating and obligations), personal growth and Torah hashkafa (worldview). The material is the result of decades of research, learning, consulting with Rabonim and Psychologists, and experience working with counseling clients and lecture/workshop audiences. Rabbi Forsythe works in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Counseling For Individuals & Couples
Human Relations - Man/Woman Compatibility - Personal Development
Workshops - Public Speaking - Full Semester Courses
Major Tape Catalog
Writing For Publication
Compatibility Profiling (for singles)
Business Consulting (work/customer relationships and conflicts)

Lecture & Series Formats Include:
Shabos - Yom Tov - Singles - Choson & Kallah - Shalom Bayis
High School - Kiruv - Adult Education - Organizational Functions


Rabbi Forsythe can be contacted with serious inquiries about his professional services by e-mail through this site or by writing to Rabbi Forsythe c/o Jewish Press, 338 Third Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11215, USA.



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