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Please update us about other sites of interest to those studying Dayfomi! Write to daf@dafyomi.co.il
Note that our links also include a wealth of material for the Palm Pilot®!

About Dafyomi

    Dafyomi calendars, 11th cycle

    1. http://www.dafyomi.co.il
      D.A.F. presents 3 convenient Dafyomi calendars:

      • D.A.F.'s 11th cycle Dafyomi calendar- An easy to use calendar (for browsers supporting frames) for the entire eleventh Dafyomi cycle (1998-2005). Also available in downloadable format.
      • The short version - D.A.F.'s list of when to begin each Maseches in the present Dafyomi cycle (11th cycle).
      • Other Yomi Calendars - D.A.F. has prepared for you a convenient collection of all the Yomi, weekly, and monthly Torah-study programs that we could find. These include:
        • Yerushalmi Yomi,
        • Mishnah Yomi
        • Halachah Yomi
        • Mishnah Berurah Yomi (two programs)
        • Shemiras ha'Lashon Yomi
        • Rambam Yomi
        • Nevi'im and Kesuvim weekly readings (Chok l'Yisrael)
        • The full spectrum of Mifal ha'Shas learning programs.
          (Mifal ha'Shas, founded by the Kloizenberger Rebbe ZT'L, offers stipends for the study of Shas and Shulchan Aruch based on the results of monthly written tests. In the U.S. they can be contacted at, Mifal Hashas, 4415 14th Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219, tel. (718) 435-3692 or (718) 436-7790. In Israel they can be reached at Rechov Rebb Akiva 108, P.O.B. 620, Bnei Brak, tel. (03) 579-7020.

    2. http://www.kaluach.org/
      An excellent Hebrew/English Jewish calendar program by Yisrael Hersch of Ginot Shomron, contact@kaluach.org, for both Windows and the Palm Pilot. Includes Dafyomi and Mishnah Yomi.

    3. http://www.pilotyid.com
      Dafyomi calendars for the Palm Pilot®
      PilotYid is Ari Engel's extensive list of links to Jewish software for the Palm Pilot. Included in their list are a number of Dafyomi calendars for the Palm Pilot. Here are the offerings, as of the time of this writing:

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    What is "Dafyomi?"

    1. http://www.dafyomi.co.il/dafyomi.htm
      D.A.F.'s "What is Dafyomi?"
      Our Dafyomi Advancement Forum's short summary of what Dafyomi is all about.

    2. http://www.ohr.org.il/web/yomi.htm
      Ohr Somayach
      A brief article on the history of Dafyomi and Herman Wouk's reflections about learning the Daf.

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    What is the Talmud?

    1. http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/TalmudPage.html
      Meet the Babylonian Talmud
      Segal, who teaches Jewish history and Talmud at the University of Calgary, shows a typical page of the Talmud in which one form of text wraps around another, written in different scripts:

      Each paragraph of the main text of the Talmud contains references to the Bible and to rabbinic interpretations of the law; the framing commentary, which also appears on each page, contains references to legal codes, related citations and conflicting opinions. For people with frame browsers, he provides interlinked Samples of Talmudic Sources - really neat.

      Another short article by Segal, http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/Shokel/890419_Siyyum.html discusses the value of Dafyomi study.

    2. http://www.shemayisrael.co.il/gemara.htm
      Advice to the beginner in Talmud from accomplished Torah sages
      Shemayisrael has posted translated excerpts from various works written by well-known Talmudists, in which the authors offer their advice to the beginner in Talmud-study.

      Included are excerpts from "Darchei ha'Talmud" (Hagaon Rav Yitzchak Kampanton, ~1700), a letter from the Chazon Ish (Hagaon Rav Avraham Yeshayah Karelitz, d. ~1964), and a piece of advice from Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, shlita.

    3. http://www.firstthings.com/ftissues/ft9808/articles/chevlen.html
      Eric Chevlen's introduction to the Talmud
      An introductory essay to the subjects of Talmud and Dafyomi. The article assumes virtually no prior knowledge of Jewish studies.

    4. http://www.research.umbc.edu/~shimoff/talmud.htm
      Eliot Shimoff's Talmud Page
      This site includes an introduction to the Talmud as well as the archives of Shimoff's e-mail Talmud-study group.

    5. http://www.613.org/speakers/irons.html
      Rabbi Irons: The Authors of the Talmud
      Rabbi Irons' downloadable audio tape: Who Wrote the Talmud Bavli. (From the audio collection of www.613.org)

    6. http://www.talmudworld.com/proj/projf.html
      "Gates to the Talmud" project: A typical page of the Talmud
      This site is an advertisement for a project to electronically reprint the Talmud, but if you click on "Navigating the Talmud" you will find a nicely done "Talmud Map." The map depicts a typical page of the Talmud, along with a brief historical description of each of the sections or commentaries that appear on the page.

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    Siyum clips

    1. http://www.dafyomi.co.il/siyum/siyum.htm
      Highlights from the Dafyomi Advancement Forum's "Grand Siyum" event, celebrating the completion of their first full cycle of Dafyomi study.

    2. http://www.jewishamerica.com/dafyomi.htm
      Nice review of the latest Siyum Hashas, including:
      • A Yated Ne'eman article, "Salute To The Dafyomi"
      • Jewish links (Discovery, etc.)
      • Some products

    3. http://www.jewishjournal.org/archive4/national1.htm
      This webpage includes a newspaper article about the most recent Siyum Hashas. Once you have reached the page, use the "Edit" menu of your browser to search for the words "Daf Yomi" to find the article.

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Online Resources

    Talmud study programs
    (Dafyomi study material available through email or the Web)

    1. http://www.dafyomi.co.il/subscribe.htm
      The Dafyomi Advancement Forum
      Join our free, informative mailing lists! With the Dafyomi Advancement Forum's free mailing lists you will be constantly updated with information on the current Daf. No matter what your level of learning is, you will find study material molded to your level in at least one of these mailngs. The mailings, which are produced by Kollel Iyun Hadaf of Yerushalayim, currently are divided into five English mailings (Daf-Insights; Daf-Background; Daf-Review; Daf-Discuss; Daf-Points) and one Hebrew one (Dafhebrew-Review)

      Our archives can be accessed through our own Website, www.dafyomi.co.il, or from our backup on the Shemayisrael server.  

    2. http://www.shemayisrael.com/dafyomi/lameddaat
      Dafyomi Review tests in Hebrew (questions only)
      Lamed Da'at provides a weekly list of questions on Gemara and Rashi in Hebrew for reviewing the Daf. (The questions are scanned in; no Hebrew fonts are required.) You can also find in their archives tests on past Masechtos, since the beginning of Berachos.

    3. http://www.evrey.com/tradition/talm/#bava
      Aish Hatorah's Russian language Dafyomi site
      If you speak Russian, this is a terrific site which contains much more than up to date postings on the daily Daf. So far, its archives include Masechtos Sotah, Yoma, and Bava Kama, but it seems to be keeping up with the current Daf.

      Gemara Berura http://www.gemaraberura.com/
      Gemara Berura site

      The Gemara Berura project, created by Mati Monheit of Ra'anana, presents a novel way to teach Gemara: Each statement on the page is classified and given a symbol of a particular shape and color to denote its class (question, answer, Mishnah, Beraisa, etc.). Concise flow charts, based on the same system, are then used to summarize the Daf. Samples of their work on Dafim recently learned in the Dafyomi program are available at their site. They offer CD's on the entire Shas for 590 NIS, or single Masechtos for less, from their sales page or via email to learn@gemaraberura.com or by phone at 972 2 653-7440.

    5. http://www.jewishchicago.com/moshe/daf.html
      Dafyomi bulletin board
      Moshe Steinerman's discussion forum for Dafyomi study (working in collaboration with Kollel Iyun Hadaf), where you can post your questions on the Daf to an electronic bulletin board and wait for others to post answers. Be sure to send an Email copy of your question to D.A.F. as well (daf@dafyomi.co.il), and feel free to post our answer on the bulletin board!

    6. http://www.ohr.org.il/web/index/yomiidx.htm
      Ohr Somayach
      Subscribe to Ohr Somayach’s "Weekly Daf Insights," one or two comments per week on the Dafyomi (part of their popular weekly "Ohrnet" publication). This is the link to their archive site.

    7. http://aishdas.org/
      Aishdas' MMG"H Learning Program, includes among other things learning one amud a day on the net. They have a mailing list to discuss issues and problems that arise.

    8. http://www.vbm-torah.org/webarch.htm
      Yeshivat Har Etzion web archives
      The Yeshivat Har Etzion (YHE) website. YHE offers a number of online courses (http://www.vbm-torah.org/courses.htm)on various Masechtos of the Talmud. Presently, the Talmud courses in their archives include a number of Shi'urim on the beginning of Pesachim and on Kidushin.

    9. http://www.research.umbc.edu/~shimoff/talmud.htm
      Eliot Shimoff's Talmud Page
      Contains the archives of Shimoff's e-mail Talmud-study group. Studying Maseches Bava Metzia since 1998 (at the rate of approx. one chapter per year), Shimoff's group includes participants from all over the spectrum of Jewish observance, affiliation, and geography. (An outgrowth of the soc.culture.jewish newsgroup.)

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    See and hear the Daf online

    1. http://www.e-daf.com
      E-daf's online Daf
      View the Daf online, with e-daf's clear and easy-to-access .gif's of the Daf. Conceived by Rabbi Dovid Kraus and created by Josh Itzkowitz. Archives now include the entire text of the Babylonian Talmud; users can download or print out the desired page for free, enabling them to study at their convenience even when they travel. In addition, the site contains links to audio English-language Talmud classes archived on the web, which can be listened to online at no cost.

    2. http://www.dafyomi.org
      Master Daf online
      Online version of the "Master Daf" Dafyomi tapes created by Rabbi Avraham Kosman of Baltimore/Bnei Brak. The tapes may be heard online, downloaded, or purchased as casette tapes at this site. (Format is "RealAudio" streaming audio; requires free "RealPlayer" -- links available on site.) Online archives begin with Bechoros 25 (last Dafyomi cycle).

    3. http://www.hadafhayomi.co.il/
      Online video Dafyomi Shiur site of "Meoros Hadaf Hayomi"
      This multi-language streaming video archive of Dafyomi Shiurim (in RealVideo format; links for player available on site) is updated daily with video recordings of Dafyomi Shiurim. The English Shiur is given by Rabbi Mordechai Shifman at Congregation Ohr Chaim of Miami Beach, Florida (originally posted at http://www.dafyomishiur.com, see next entry), and archives begin from Shavuos. The Hebrew Shiur is given by a lecturer from the Sochotchov Beis Midrash, and archives begin from Sanhedrin. The French shiur is only available on Horayos and Makos, at present.

    4. http://www.kolavrohom.com
      Daf HaYomi in Yiddish by HaRav Avrohom Karp ZT"L
      Dafyomi in Yiddish, in Realaudio format, by ha'Rav Avrohom Karp of blessed memory, of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Montreal, who delivered the Shi'urim in the Lubavitcher shul of Montreal. (Archives are not complete, but the current Dafim are available.)

    5. http://www.harryc.com/daf-results.htm
      Dafyomi Shiur search engine
      Use this search engine (the handiwork of Harry Ciechanowski of Melbourne Australia) to find a Dafyomi Shiur you can attend while traveling in unfamiliar places or to register your own Dafyomi Shiur and benefit others.

    6. http://www.yerushalmionline.org
      Talmud Yerushalmi
      Audio tapes of Talmud Yerushalmi, beginning of Berachos, by Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer of Chicago. Rabbi Bechhofer has completed a set of tapes on the entire Yerushalmi, and the first site listed above will be posting his Shiurim in keeping with the Yerushalmi Yomi schedule (see our Yomi Calendars page). (To view snapshots of the Siyum Hashas he celebrated with his Shiur upon the completion of a full cycle, click here.)
      The latter site contains but a sampling of Rabbi Bechhofer's Shiurim. Note, however, that the site, http://www.613.org, includes a truly massive online collection of Judaica tapes of all sorts, which is continually being updated by Feivel Smiles (fsmiles@613.org)

    7. http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~ziegler/audio/html/shas-on-line.html
      Chaim Ziegler
      Audio tapes on two mesechtos (Menachos and Chulin), by Chaim Ziegler, Ph.D. of Brooklyn College, Department of Computer and Information Science ziegler@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu

    8. http://www.shiur.net
      MP3 & RealAudio Shiur site
      Moshe Spivak's site presents a large collection audio shiurim, by a large selection of well-known lecturers. Includes a handful of Gemara Shiurim, search by category for "Gemara."

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    Help with Hebrew and Hebrew Fonts

    1. http://www.snunit.k12.il/heb_new.html
      Hebrew converters, fonts, text editors, etc, plus FAQ's and instructions for their installation. (The last site contains links to about 10 other sites that give information about using Hebrew with various browsers and on various systems.)

    2. http://www.info.gov.il/hebhelp/heb95.htm
      Free Hebrew fonts to view Hebrew properly on the Web

    3. http://www.simtel.net
      Simtel has a nice collection of free and shareware Hebrew font converter programs

    4. http://www.penticon.com
      Penticon's Hebrew support for the Palm Pilot®.
      Hebrew Plus ($65), the more expensive program, allows you to enter Hebrew text into any application on the PalmPilot using Hebrew Graffiti or the Hebrew popup keyboard, and the Hebrew text will be displayed from "right to left". After HotSyncing, the Hebrew text will be displayed on the Desktop PC in any application that supports Hebrew (this requires Hebrew Windows). Beside being able to enter Hebrew into your Pilot (for entering Hebrew Israeli addresses into your phonebook, for example), "Hebrew Support" enables you to view many Hebrew text files on your Pilot, such as those available on PilotYid.com and on Penticon's "Moadon" Website.

      The watered down version, Hebrew Light ($40), allows your Palm Pilot to display Hebrew characters, but does not allow you to enter them into Palm applications.

    5. http://www.penreader.com/piloc_heb.htm
      "PiLoc," Paragon's Hebrew support for the Palm Pilot®.
      PiLoc ($50) allows you to read and enter Hebrew into your PalmPilot. You can enter the Hebrew using either graffiti or a popup keyboard. PiLoc Hebrew Lite is fully compatible with all devices with Palm OS 3.3/3.5 installed.

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    Talmud and Dafyomi databases & free texts

    1. http://www.simtel.net/pub/dl/55883.html
      MTR Download site
      MTR is a Win95-compliant DOS freeware program that is simply amazing. It contains the full text of Mishneh Torah of Rambam, Torah Nevi'im and Kesuvim (both actual spelling and "Kesiv Malei"), Targum Onkelos on the Chumash, Mishnah, Tosefta, Yerushalmi, and Bavli. Full details can be found in the mtrinfo.txt file on the Simtel site listed above. As of today (Tamuz 5759) they're up to version "e", but this will change soon since the program is updated twice yearly.

      They are using Yemenite manuscripts of Rambam and are doing their best to correct errors that have crept into the texts of Mishneh Torah and Shas...so much so that there are far fewer errors in this program than there are in the expensive CD-ROM packages commercially available. It comes with either Hebrew or English interfaces, it's compact, fast, searchable, Windows clipboard compliant and configurable.

      You can download the entire collection in compressed form from the site listed above or the msdos/torah/ directory of any other Simtel site (there are over 80 Simtel mirror sites). Fully expanded, the files use approximately 28M of harddisk space.

    2. http://www1.snunit.k12.il/kodesh/kodesh.html
      MTR browse site
      Full Hebrew text of the Tanach, Talmud Bavli, and Talmud Yerushalmi is available at this site (Snunit at the Hebrew University) for Web browsing, including hypertext links between verses in Tanach and any mention of them in the Talmud and v.v.! These texts, along with Mishneh Torah, Mishnah, and Tosefta are available for downloading along with DOS browsing software in the MTR freeware package mentioned above.

    3. http://www.aishdas.org/webshas/index.shtml
      Webshas is an ambitious index to the Talmud, prepared by Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner, rabbi of Congregation Ohave Shalom, Young Israel of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The index is easy to use, and is arranged both alphabetically and hierarchially, according to subject. Pages of the Talmud indexed so far are listed at http://www.aishdas.org/webshas/pages.htm, and the main index resides at http://www.aishdas.org/webshas/main.htm. Rabbi Torczyner himself can be reached at pawshas@aishdas.org

    4. http://jnul.huji.ac.il/dl/talmud/
      Hebrew University Online Treasury of Talmudic Manuscripts
      An online treasury of manuscripts of the Mishnah and Talmud (courtesy of Hebrew University Library, David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project) This project brings together images of major manuscripts of the Talmud (as well as the Kaufmann manuscript of the Mishnah) from libraries throughout the world. The site enables one to view and read the actual manuscripts as they were written. The manuscripts are indexed to enable access by standard citation (Tractate, Daf and Amud for the Talmud Bavli, and Tractate, chapter and Mishnah for the Mishnah). Included are manuscripts now being learned on Dafyomi: AVODAH ZARAH and HORAYOT and ZEVACHIM, at present.

    5. http://www.seforimonline.org
      Seforim Online
      SeforimOnline.org presents electronic editions of rare and hard to find Seforim (Hebrew books), free for download.

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Purchaseable Dafyomi-study Products

    Texts in electronic format

    1. http://www.dafyomi.co.il/download.htm
      D.A.F.'s downloadable notes on Masechtos
      The Dafyomi Advancement Forum will soon be offering downloadable versions of their notes on entire Masechtos, mostly in text (.txt) and hypertext (.htm) formats. Your son is learning Berachos? Get a full copy of all of our Berachos study material -- Insights, Background notes, Review Questions & Answers, etc. -- in one click! (Contrary to the daily Dafyomi mailings, there will be a minimal charge for Maseches downloads.)

    2. http://www.virtualgeula.com/archival/eng/index.htm
      The Jewish Archival Project
      J.A.P. has set as its goal to make any Sefer that was ever printed available to all for the asking. Offering a wealth of otherwise unavailable Torah resources, J.A.P. will send you a scan or photocopy of any Sifrei Kodesh that you choose -- or pages thereof -- upon request. Either choose from their already extensive collection of archives, or put in a request for specific material that you are looking for. If it is available in the national library in Hebrew University, they will scan it and send it to you (by regular mail or Email) for a very reasonable fee.

    3. http://www.palmshiur.com
      Palmshiur, Sefarim in Hebrew for the Palm Pilot®.
      Moshe Kugel's site publishes Sefarim in Hebrew for Palm users. For example, beginning with Masechet Gittin they have made the full text of the Gemara (only, no Rashi or Tosfos) available for Dafyomi learners to conveniently review what they learn, at the low price of only $5 per Maseches.

    4. http://www.masterdaf.com
      T.E.S.'s Online Master Daf downloads
      At the T.E.S. site Rabbi Kosman's lessons on the Talmud are accessible through easy to use menus which can take you directly to the page of the Talmud that you are learning. In addition, each page of the Talmud can be viewed during the lesson in a clear, computer generated replica of the Talmud page, in the original format it is found in the printed book. Each page and lesson may also be downloaded for personal use offline. (The downloading feature allows the Talmud pages to be printed and the lessons to be put on an MP3 portable player or transferred to a CD Audio for user convenience.) By subscription only: $5.95/month, $59.95/year.

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    Books and Sefarim on the Talmud

    1. http://www.artscroll.com
      Artscroll online bookstore
      The Artscroll Talmud with English translation and commentary.
      Email contact: Rabbi Shmuel Blitz blitz@netmedia.net.il

    2. http://www.judaicapress.com/mishnah_talmud.htm
      Judaica Press
      Talmud section of the website of the venerable Judaica Press. Offers a broad selection of English and Hebrew Judaica.

    3. http://www.jerusalembooks.com/
      Diaspora Yeshiva's "Mt. Zion Books"
      From here one can order Artscroll, Feldheim and Targum books, including their various Talmud-study texts.

    4. http://www.feldheim.com/aa/index.shtml
      Feldheim online bookstore
      An online gift store. Although not Dafyomi oriented, this site has numerous English books that assist in studying the Talmud, including an English language biography of Rav Meir Shapiro, the founder of Dafyomi study. Use their "Search" option to look for Talmud/Mishnah related texts.

    5. http://www.soyseforim.org/catalog.html
      SOY online Seforim Sale
      Easy to use site, with a large selection of Sefarim of every sort in English and Hebrew available for purchase online.

    6. http://www.soncino.com
      The Soncino Talmud site
      The famous Soncino English translation of the Talmud, covering its entire length from cover to cover.

    7. http://www.judaicacity.com/Judaica_Discount_Mall/Book_Depot/book_depot.html
      Judaica City Bookstore
      An online Jewish Bookstore selling anything related to Judaism or Torah.


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    Audio casettes and CD's

    1. http://www.dafyomi.org
      Master Daf
      In the "Master Daf" Dafyomi tapes series, created by Rabbi Avraham Kosman of Baltimore/Bnei Brak, every word of the Talmud is read in its original Hebrew and Aramaic, then translated into clear English, and explained according to the basic meaning of the text. These tapes may be purchased at this site (also available in CD format). This site also contains downloadable "RealAudio" files of Rav Kosman's Shi'urim on the Daf, while offering a listen-online option as well (as mentioned above).

    2. http://www.masterdaf.com
      T.E.S.'s Online Master Daf downloads
      At the T.E.S. site Rabbi Kosman's lessons on the Talmud are accessible through easy to use menus which can take you directly to the page of the Talmud that you are learning. In addition, each page of the Talmud can be viewed during the lesson in a clear, computer generated replica of the Talmud page, in the original format it is found in the printed book. Each page and lesson may also be downloaded for personal use offline. (The downloading feature allows the Talmud pages to be printed and the lessons to be put on an MP3 portable player or transferred to a CD Audio for user convenience.) By subscription only: $5.95/month, $59.95/year.

    3. http://www.cdtorah.com
      CDTorah's purchaseable audio Shiurim
      CDTorah formed in May 2003 with the intent to spread Torah around the world by offering Torah lectures on standard audio CD's over the internet. It allows people access to Rabbanim they would like to learn from, but whose material is otherwise unavailable to them, offering a wide variety of topics and Rabbonim - in keeping with our sages' words "A person should always learn what his heart desires." It pays royalties to the Rabbanim who delivered the lectures on every CD that is sold. Executive VP David Weiss can be reached at 718-368-2666, email: general@cdtorah.com.
      CDTorah currently offers a broad number of Shiurim by many different lectureres. It includes some Talmud Shiurim as well, such as Rabbi Herschel Schachter's series of Shiurim on Maseches Shabbos.

    4. tapes@frontiernet.net
      Ivlechtechu Vaderech
      This Torah Tape library in Monroe, NY, run by Aaron Sternfeld, features a collection of over 5,000 cassettes recordings from present and past Roshei Yeshiva, Ba'alei Musar, stories of Tzaddikim (Yiddish) etc, for $2.50 each. A full catalog of their tapes is available for $5.00; write to 26 Quickway Rd. #106, Monroe, NY 10950, or phone them at (845) 774-4326 or fax them at (845) 783-1230.

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    1. http://www.berdwire.com
      Gemara Tracker software
      Ari Berdy's "Gemara Tracker" shareware lets you keep track of how many times you've learned the Gemara, Rashi and/or Tosfos for any page in Shas, as well as enter your own notes on each Daf. The "at-a-glance" feature lets you know how many pages you've completed in the Masechta you're currently learning, in a different Masechta, or in all of Shas. In addition, it features instant full-text searching through your notes and detailed printing of records and notes, complete with customizable summaries.
      First 20 uses are free; continued use requires a registration fee of $12.00.

    2. http://www.jewishsoftware.com/default.asp?page=category&id=7
      Torah Educational Software (TES)
      TES markets and produces lots of Talmud and Torah oriented CD-Rom titles, such as:
      • The MasterDaf audio Dafyomi CD
      • Talmudmaster
      • Gemora Tutor
      • Otzar Haposkim: classic Rishonim, Poskim and Tanach-with-commentaries database (reasonably priced)
      • Encylopedia Talmudit
      • DBS database of classic philosophical, Halachic and Midrashic works
      • The comprehensive Bar Ilan Responsa CD
      • Judaica Archives

      At http://www.jerusalembooks.com/dbs.htm you can get some screen shots of the DBS Torah CD-Rom

    3. http://www.judaicapress.com/seforim.htm
      http://www.davka.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi (click on "Judaic Texts")
      http://store.yahoo.com/eichlers/ (click on "Torah and Talmud")
      Judaica Press/Davka software's "Sefarim on CD" collection
      Judaica Press markets a large number of Talmud and Torah oriented CD-Rom titles, including the following:
      • CD-DAF: Dafyomi with the dial-a-daf audio track explaining it in English, Hebrew or Yiddish (depending on the CD you choose). Also contains links to citations from other Masechtos and Poskim, and a Hebrew collection of in-depth insights culled from the works of the Rishonim and Acharonim. (Only about $19 per Maseches)
      • The Soncino Talmud: All eighteen volumes of the Soncino English rendering of the Talmud, the Hebrew and Aramaic text of the Talmud, and Rashi's commentary (Hebrew only).
      • Talmud Tutor Plus - includes a glossary of Talmudic terms and informative charts maps and biographies for the beginner in Talmud.
      • The Soncino Classics Collection (Talmud etc. and Chumash)
      • Judaic Classics Deluxe Edition
      • Judaic Classics Limited Edition
      • Otzar HaPoskim: Responsa database

    Other indexes to Talmud and Dafyomi websites

      There are a number of other sites that list links to Dafyomi websites but do not themselves contain information relating to Dafyomi study. In general, the links on these lists (and much more) can be found on our list, which preceded the others. Nevertheless, we include a list of such sites in case a new link appears in one of them before it makes it to our list.

      Besides the major Jewish search engines (such as www.maven.co.il), you can find Dafyomi links at: