Megilah 013: Esther seeing Mordechai

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Megilah 013: Esther seeing Mordechai

AF asked:

Rashi says on Megilah 13b that Esther still had relations with Mordechai after she married Achashveirosh (until the feast). How was this possible? How did A. not find out?

The Kollel replies:

Your question is asked by the Ben Yehodaya, written by the author of Ben Ish Chai - Rabbi Yosef Chaim, zt'l, of Baghdad and he gives an answer based on the Kabalistic interpretations.

The Ben Yehodaya cites the Zohar and the Arizal, that in fact Esther herself did not have relations with Achashverosh, but instead there was a "Shidah" - a demon - who appeared instead of Esther whenever Achashverosh wanted to have relations with her.

The Ben Yehodaya writes that in fact Esther went miraculously from Achashverosh's palace to Mordechai's house so that nobody could see her (see also Tosfos below 15a DH k'Shem who writes that the reason Mordechai did not want to divorce Esther was because since one needs two witnesses in order to give a Get, Mordechai was afraid that this way the matter may become known to the king. One learns from Tosfos that Mordechai was trying to keep the whole thing quiet). One is forced to say that this miraculous journey was accomplished by uttering the explicit Name of Hashem.

[There is a source in Shas for this possibility of travelling distances by reciting Hashem's Name. See Gitin 89a where the Gemara states that we are not worried about Mamzerus. The Rosh (Kidushin 4:7) writes in the name of the Ba'al Halachos that this refers to a scenario where the husband went overseas and his wife had a baby. We are not concerned that the wife may have been unfaithful because we say instead that the husband may have come home quietly and had relations with her. There is a precedence for this in the Talmud Yerushalmi which states that Shmuel's father came home through uttering Hashem's Name, and had relations with his wife.]

When Esther saw that Achashverosh wanted to have relations her, she recited Hashem's name in order to bring the "Shidah" in her place. With the same Name of Hashem she also achieved another miracle simultaneously by enabling herself to disappear from everyone's sight. She could see others, but nobody could see her. This way she managed to escape to Mordechai's house.

Dovid Bloom

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