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Yoma 46

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(a) Rebbi Elazar quotes Bar Kapara, who, in turn, quotes Rebbi Meir as saying: 'Any limbs left over at the end of the day, would be burned on a separate Ma'arachah (even on Shabbos)'.
What does the Gemara ask on this?

(b) We answer that Rebbi Elazar is talking about Pesulin.
Which kind of Pesulin?

(c) How does Rav Avin qualify that?

(d) The second Lashon qualifies it even further.
What does the second Lashon hold?

(a) Rebbi Elazar concluded 'va'Afilu be'Shabbos'.
Seeing as Rebbi Meir already said in our Mishnah, that on Yom Kipur there were *five* Ma'arachos (instead of *four*), what is his Chidush?

(b) On what grounds did Rava strongly disagree with Rebbi Elazar in this last point?

(c) Rav Huna disagrees with both Rebbi Elazar and with Rava. What distinction does he make between the *beginning* of the week and the *end*?

(a) Rabah interprets Rav Huna's statement as we just explained (with regard to Shabbos - though Tum'ah, it *will* override). But according to Rav Chisda, Rav Huna is referring to Tum'ah, and not to Shabbos.
What does 'Tamid, Techilaso Docheh, Sofo Eino Docheh' then mean, according to him?

(b) What Kashya does Abaye ask both on Rabah and on Rav Chisda from the Pasuk in Tzav "be'Mo'ado"?

(c) How does Rabah answer Abaye's Kashya on himself? Why should burning the limbs and fat-pieces over-ride Tum'ah, but not Shabbos?

(d) And how does Rabah answer the Kashya on Rav Chisda? Why should burning the limbs and fat-pieces over-ride Shabbos, but not Tum'ah?

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(a) Which La'av does one transgress for extinguishing the fire on the Mizbe'ach?

(b) According to Abaye, one is also Chayav (Malkos) for extinguishing the fire on the shovel-full of coals - for the Ketores on Yom Kipur or for the Menorah.
What does Rava say?

(c) At which stage will Rava agree that one is Chayav?

(a) How does the second Lashon explain the Machlokes between Abaye and Rava?

(b) Rav Nachman quoting Rabah bar Avuha, renders one Chayav for extinguishing a coal that a Kohen took down from the Mizbe'ach.
Could Rava in the first Lashon, and both Abaye and Rava in the second, agree with this?

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