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(a) Two miracles happened to the two doors of Nikanor.
What were they?

(b) One of the miracles has an alternative version.
What is it?

(c) What is the connection between the miracle with the two versions and the Pasuk in Shir ha'Shirim "Koros Bateinu Arazim, Rahiteinu Berosim"?

(d) In what way were these miracles perpetuated?

(a) All the personalities mentioned in the last Mishnah were credited for what they did. Those mentioned in the forthcoming Mishnah are mentioned to their everlasting shame.
Which Pasuk in Mishlei did Chazal apply to the former ones?

(b) What did the following do wrong:

  1. The family of Beis Garmi?
  2. The family of Beis Avtinas?
(c) Hugras ben Levi was in the choir in the Beis Hamikdash, and ben Kamtzar was a Sofer.
What did *they* do wrong?

(d) Which Pasuk in Mishlei did Chazal apply to *them*?

(a) 'Beis Garmu al Lechem ha'Panim'.
In which area of the baking process were Beis Garmu experts, and as a result of that expertise, what did they used to do that enabled the Lechem ha'Panim to last a whole week, which even the experts from Alexandria were afraid to do?

(b) What has this got to do with the Pasuk in Yeshayah "Kol ha'Nikra bi'Shemi ve'li'Chevodi Berasiv ... "?

(c) When they refused to teach their expertise to others, Beis-Din fired them. However, unable to find replacements, they were forced to re-call them. What caused the Beis Garmu to change their minds and return to their posts, after initially refusing?

(d) How much did they receive previously and how much now ...

  1. ... according to the Tana Kama of the Beraisa?
  2. ... according to Rebbi Yehudah?
(a) What was Beis Garmu's motive for retaining their secret?

(b) What did Beis Garmu do that evoked the praise of the Chachamim?

(a) Why did the prestige of the family of Beis Avtinas fall and that of Hashem rise with the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash? How did Hashem's prestige rise?

(b) Why did that child from the family of Beis Avtinas first cry and then laugh?

(c) It was the plant 'Ma'aleh Ashan' that he had seen which sparked off his reaction.
What did he reply when Shimon ben Luga asked him to point it out to him?

(d) What happened that prompted Rebbi Akiva to weep and announce that there was no longer any need to mention the family of Beis Avtinas derogatively?

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(a) What was ben Azai referring to when he said 'be'Shimcha Yikra'ucha, u'vi'Mekomcha Yoshivucha, u'mi'she'Lecha Yitnu Lach'?

(b) What was he saying about encroaching on what belongs to somebody else?

(c) And what did he mean when he said 've'Ein Malchus Noga'as ba'Chaverta Afilu ki'Melo Nima'?

(a) What was Hugras ben Levi's area of expertise?

(b) In what way was ben Kamtzar different than all the others mentioned in our Mishnah?

(c) What does "ve'Shem Resha'im Yirkav" mean?

(d) What was Yirmiyahu referring to when he lamented "Im Tochalnah Nashim Piryam Olelei Tipuchim"?

(b) What was Hashem's response?

(c) In light of the Pasuk "Shem Resha'im Yirkav", how do we justify the fact that the baby was called Do'eg (the name of a Rasha)?

(d) Why does the Torah write "Zecher *Tzadik* li'Verachah" (in the singular), but "ve'Shem *Resha'im* Yirkav" (in the plural)?

(a) What is the source in the Torah of ...
  1. ... "Zecher Tzadik li'Verachah"?
  2. ... "ve'Shem Resha'im Yirkav"?
(b) Who is the source in the Torah of ...
  1. ... "Zecher Tzadik li'Verachah"?
  2. ... "ve'Shem Resha'im Yirkav"?
(c) Who was ...
  1. ... the Tzadik who lived between two Resha'im, but did not learn from their deeds?
  2. ... the Rasha who lived between two Tzadikim, but failed to learn from their deeds?
  1. By the Berachos of which Tzadik do we derive the curse of Resha'im?
  2. And by the curse of which Resha'im do we find the Berachah of a Tzadik?
(a) How does Rebbi Elazar explain the Pasuk "Vayar Elokim es ha'Or Ki Tov"?

(b) What does someone who (deliberately) forgets something of his learning cause, according to Rebbi Elazar?

(c) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Koheles "ve'Zarach ha'Shemesh u'Va ha'Shemesh"? Who is an example of this?

(d) What did Hashem do when He saw that the Tzadikim would be few?

(a) What does Rebbi Chiya bar Aba quoting Rebbi Yochanan, learn from the Pasuk in Mishlei "ve'Tzadik Yesod Olam"?

(b) How does Rebbi Chiya bar Aba himself learn it from the Pasuk in Shmuel "Raglei Chasidav Yishmor"? What does "Raglei" mean?

(c) How does Rebbi Chiya bar Aba quoting Rebbi Yochanan explain this Pasuk?

(d) de'Bei Rebbi Shilo learns something else entirely from this same Pasuk.
What is it? How does *he* explain the word "Raglei"?

(a) What does Resh Lakish learn from the Pasuk in Mishlei "Im le'Letzim Hu Yalitz, ve'la'Anavim Yiten Chein"?

(b) How does Tana de'Bei Rebbi Yishmael compare this to two salesmen, one of parafin and the other, of spices?

(c) Tana de'Bei Rebbi Yishmael learns from the Pasuk in Shemini "ve'Lo Sitam'u Bahem, ve'Nitmesem Bam" that sin gives a person Timtum ha'Lev (a stopped-up heart).
How does the Tana in another Beraisa explain the same Pasuk?

(d) And how does he explain the Pasuk there "ve'Hiskadishtem vi'Heyisem Kedoshim"?

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