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Yoma 16

YOMA 16 (3 Shevat) - has been dedicated by Zvi and Tamarah Sand of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in memory of Tamarah's grandfather, Chanan (ben Yakov) Bromberg, on his Yahrzeit.


(a) The Ezras Nashim had four rooms on its four corners: on the south- east was the Lishkas Nezirim, on the north-east, the Lishkas ha'Eitzim, on the north-west, the Lishkas Metzora'im. Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov could not recall what purpose the south-western room served, until Aba Shaul reminded him.
What did they do in ...
  1. ... the Lishkas Nezirim?
  2. ... the Lishkas ha'Eitzim?
  3. ... the Lishkas Metzora'im?
(b) What exactly, did Aba Shaul remind Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov?

(c) What was the size of the Ezras Nashim?

(a) How wide were all the doorways of the Beis Hamikdash (that led from east to west from the Har ha'Bayis until the Heichal), and how tall were they (with one exception)?

(b) What was the sole exception? Why was it necessary for that doorway to be higher than the rest (according to the Mishnah in Midos)?

(c) If the first of the above doorways was that leading to the Har ha'Bayis and the last to the Heichal, where did the other two lead?

(d) What is another name for Har ha'Mishchah?

(a) Just within the entrance to the Har ha'Bayis was the Soreg.
What was the Soreg?

(b) On the other side of the Soreg was an empty space called the Chil.
How wide was the Chil?

(c) The Chil led into the Ezras Nashim, which was six Amos higher than it was.
How many steps led from one to the other, and what was the hight and the width of each step?

(d) The steps leading up from the Ezras Nashim to the Ezras Yisrael were the same size as those leading down from it to the Chil.
How many steps led from the Ezras Nashim to the Ezras Yisrael?

(a) The inner section of the Ezras Yisrael was twenty-two Amos and was called 'Bein ha'Ulam ve'la'Mizbe'ach. If another twelve steps (also half an Amah in hight and half an Amah - or possibly an Amah - wide) led from it to the Ulam, how much higher would that make the level of the Heichal (which was inside the Ulam, and on the same level) than that of the foot of the Har ha'Bayis?

(b) How does Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov raise the level of the Ezras Yisrael by two and a half Amos?

(c) How does that prove that he must be the author of the Stam Mishnah that we learned above (in 2), that the doorway of the Har ha'Bayis must have been higher than all the subsequent doorways (and consequently, of all the Stam Mishnayos in Midos)?

(d) Rav Ada bar Ahavah maintains that the author of the above Mishnah is Rebbi Yehudah.
What does Rebbi Yehudah say with regard to the location of the Mizbe'ach, and why would that prove him to be the author of that Mishnah?

Answers to questions


5) The width of the doorway of the Heichal was twenty Amos.
What was the thickness of the walls on either side?


(a) The Tana in Midos gives the width of the Ezras Yisrael as 135 Amos. What was its overall length (up to its western extremity)?

(b) Given that the length of the Mizbe'ach was thirty-two Amos, how many Amos (east of the Mizbe'ach) were ...

  1. ... Yisraelim permitted to walk?
  2. ... only Kohanim permitted to walk?
(c) How many Amos were there west of the Mizbe'ach until the Ulam (Bein ha'Ulam ve'la'Mizbe'ach)?

(d) Given that the combined length of the Ulam, Heichal and the D'vir was one hundred Amos, what was the distance between the Kodesh Kodshim and the western extremity of the Har ha'Bayis?

(a) If the width of the Azarah was 135 Amos, how many Amos did the Mizbe'ach together with the ramp take up?

(b) From the northern wall southwards comprised the following distances: from the wall to the short posts (on which the Shechted animals were hung for stripping) - 8 Amos, the posts themselves - 10.5 Amos; from the posts to the two rows of tables (on which the animals were cut up) - 4 Amos, the tables themselves - 4 Amos; from the tables to the rings - 4 Amos, the rings themselves - 24 Amos; from the rings to the Mizbe'ach - 8 Amos. How many Amos were there between the southern wall and the ramp (according to Rashi's first explanation)?

(c) Considering that the Mizbe'ach was thirty-two Amos long, how many Amos would now have been in the northern half of the Azarah, and how many in the south?

(a) Bearing in mind the shape of the Mizbe'ach, how does this prove that the Stam author of Midos cannot have been Rebbi Yehudah? How many Amos of the entrance to the Heichal would appear to have been visible?

(b) How do we allow for the fact that the Amah above the Sovev was reduced by an Amah only after the Mizbe'ach had risen to a height of six Amos?

(c) Then who is the Stam author of Midos?

Answers to questions
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