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by Rabbi Ephraim Becker
Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Yoma 7

YOMA 7 (Teves 23) - has been dedicated to the memory of Nachum ben Shlomo Dovid Mosenkis on the day of his Yahrzeit, by his son, Sid Mosenkis (Queens, NY)


(a) R. Sheshes taught that his source is a Bereisa.
1. If possible, we replace a Tamei Omer with a Tahor one.
2. This establishes Tumah as Dechuyah, not Hutrah.
(b) R. Nachman responds that all agree by that which would be eaten (if Tahor) that we attempt to bring Tahor.
(c) Question: But a Bereisa teaches the same regarding non- edible offerings?!
1. The Bereisa lists the Minchas Parim, Eilim and Kevasim.
2. We assume these to be the Menachos of Musafei HaChag.
(d) Answer: No, each item has an alternate explanation for why we seek to replace it with a Minchah Tehorah:
1. Parim- of Avodah Zarah (Tzibur but not time-set).
2. Eilim- Aharon's Korban on Yom HaKipurim (Yachid).
3. Kevasim- Minchas Keves HaOmer (edible parts).
(e) Question: But why should the Bereisa penalize one who brings Dam Tamei b'Meizid (if Tumah is Hutrah)?
(f) Answer: That is by a Korban Yachid.
(g) Question: Why do we need Ritzui Tzitz if Tumah is Hutrah?
(h) Answer #1: For Korbanos Yachid.
(i) Answer #2: For Korbanos Tzibur without a set time.
(j) Question: The Bereisa says explicitly that Tumah is Hutrah!
1. The Pasuk teaches that the Tzitz carried the "Avon."
2. The only possible Avon is Tumah, a leniency which is likely since Tumah is *Hutrah* b'Tzibur!

(k) Answer: The Machlokes (R. Sheshes and R. Nachman) is a Machlokes Tanaim (between R. Shimon and R. Yehudah).
(a) (R. Shimon) The Tzitz is Meratzeh whether or not the Kohen Gadol is wearing it.
(b) (R. Yehudah) The Tzitz is Meratzeh only when the Kohen Gadol wears it.
(c) (R. Shimon) A proof can be seen from the Kohen Gadol on Yom HaKipurim (not wearing the Tzitz, yet is Meratzeh)!
(d) (R. Yehudah) His Avodah does not need Ritzui Tzitz because of Tumah Hutrah b'Tzibur.
(e) The above implies that R. Shimon holds it is Dechuyah.
(f) (Abaye) A broken Tzitz is not Meratzeh (according to both).
1. The Machlokes is interpreting the Pesukim:
(i) Al Metzach..v'Nasa- while it is worn (R. Yehudah)
(ii) Tamid..lifnei HaShem- always (R. Shimon)
2. Question: How will R. Yehudah explain Tamid?
3. Answer: That the Kohen must not be Meseach Da'as from the Tzitz.
(i) Rabah b. R. Huna had taught that one must have continuous awareness of his Tefilin.
(ii) This is a Kal V'Chomer from the Tzitz.
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