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Yoma 75

YOMA 59-88 have been dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Simcha Bekelnitzky (Simcha Gedalya ben Shraga Feibush) of Queens N.Y. by his wife and daughters. Well known in the community for his Chesed and Tzedakah, he will long be remembered.

1) [line 1] DOMOS ALAV K'MISHOR - appear to him to be permitted (lit. level, flat land)
2a) [line 4] YAS'CHENAH MI'DA'ATO - [the verse recommends that] he should remove his worry from his mind
b) [line 5] YESICHENAH LA'ACHEIRIM - [the verse recommends that] he should talk about it with others; (a) so that they should give him advice (RASHI):
(b) so that they should pray for him (ARUCH Erech Sach #6)

3) [line 12] YORED IMO L'CHAYAV - he makes sure to use every effort to cause that person a loss and to annoy him at every opportunity

4) [line 20] "...ACHLAH U'MACHASAH FIHA, V'AMRAH LO FA'ALTI AVEN." - "...she eats and wipes her mouth and says, 'I have done no wrong.'" (Mishlei 30:20) - This verse is an example of "Lishnah Me'alya" (euphamism), where the subject is adultry.

5) [line 22] "GAN NA'UL ACHOSI CHALAH; GAL NA'UL, MA'AYAN CHASUM." - "As chaste as a locked garden, My sister, O bride; a spring that is locked up, a sealed fountain." (Shir ha'Shirim 4:12) - This verse describes the exceptionally moral behavior of the Jews in Egypt.

6) [line 27] AGOL K'GIDA - round like a coriander seed [(O.F. aillendre) coriander, a plant with sweet smelling fruit]

7) [line 27] LAVAN K'MARGALIS - white like a pearl
8) [line 28] SHE'DOMEH L'ZERA PISHTAN B'GIVO'LIN - it is similar to the [round] flax seed in its capsule

9) [line 28] SHE'DOMEH L'HAGADAH - it is similar to the Agadah, the homilitical interpretation of the Torah

10) [line 32] OMRO - his portion of Manna, which was the size of an Omer, a tenth of an Eifah (approximately 2.5 or 4.3 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions)

11) [line 36] "SHATU HA'AM V'LAKTU..." - "The people would wander out and gather it..." (Bamidbar 11:8)

12) [line 37] UGOS - pieces of dough
13) [line 39] TACHSHITEI NASHIM - women's adornments such as spices used for perfume
14) [line 39] DAVAR SHE'NIDOCH B'MEDOCHAH - something that is ground in a mortar
15) [line 40] TZIKEI KEDEIRAH - spices for a spicy, tasty dish
16) [line 41] MI'DAVAR SHE'YARAD LAHEM BA'BOKER BA'BOKER - from something (the Man) which came down early in the morning

17) [line 42] NESI'IM MAMASH - actual clouds (and not princes)
18) [line 43] MAH SHAD ZEH, TINOK TO'EM BAH KAMAH TE'AMIM - just like a breast, from which a baby tastes a number of different tastes (depending on what the mother ate)

19) [line 44] MAH SHED ZEH, MIS'HAPECH L'CHAMAH GAVANIN - just like a demon changes to a number of different appearances, colors


20) [line 6] K'TARNEGOLIN SHE'MENAKRIN BA'ASHPAH - like chickens that peck in a garbage heap

21) [line 17] "SHE'ER" - [quail] meat
22) [line 19] MASHTICHIN MASHTICHIN - (O.F. litieres) layers
23) [line 20] KESIV "SHALEV", V'KARINAN "SELAV" - it is written "Shalev" and we pronounce it "Selav"

24) [line 21] B'SHALVAH - in tranquility
25) [line 21] K'SILVIN - like thorns
26a) [line 21] SHICHLAI - (Alectoris graeca) Chuckar partridge
b) [line 22] KIVLAI - (Ammoperdix heyi) partridge
c) [line 22] PISYONEI - pheasant, (a bird which comes from the river Phasis in Colchis)
d) [line 22] SELAV - (Coturnix coturnix) quail
27) [line 22] TZIPORTA - a small bird (possibly a humming bird)
28) [line 22] V'TAFACH - it swells
29) [line 23] MASKINAN LEI A'TELEISAR RIFEI - and it is served on thirteen (flat) loaves of bread, placed one on top of the other

30) [line 23] BEI DANEI - next to his storage house for barrels of wine
31) [line 24] BEI TZIVEI - next to his storage house for twigs, chips of wood
32) [line 25] U'VEDIL RABAH ACHIL TALMIDA - and in the merit of the teacher (Rav Chisda), the student eats

33) [line 27] KUFSA - (O.F. escrin) chest, jewelry box
34) [line 27] DAK MECHUSPAS - thin and (a) exposed (RASHI to Shemos 16:14);
(b) encapsulated (ibid.); (c) spread out (RASHBAM); (d) round (Ibn Ezra)

35) [line 27] DAVAR SHE'NIMO'ACH AL PISAS HA'YAD - something that melts on the palm on the hand

36) [line 32] TAGAREI UMOS HA'OLAM - foreign merchants
37) [line 33] MAN MEFIGAN - the Man would counteract their effect
38) [line 34] L'ACHAR SHE'SARCHU - after they sinned (by complaining about the Man -- see Bamidbar 21:5)

39) [line 36] TELASA PARSEI - three Parsa'os (Persian miles), approximately 11.5 kilometers (7.2 miles) or 13.8 kilometers (8.6 miles), depending upon the differing Halachic opinions; (1 PARSAH = 4 MIL)

40) [line 36] K'SHE'NIFNIN - when a person defecates
41) [line 37] SHE'TIPACH B'MEI'EIHEM - to swell in their stomachs

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