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Yoma 71

YOMA 59-88 have been dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Simcha Bekelnitzky (Simcha Gedalya ben Shraga Feibush) of Queens N.Y. by his wife and daughters. Well known in the community for his Chesed and Tzedakah, he will long be remembered.

1) [line 20] D'MESHABASHT KERA'EI - that you say that the Pesukim are stated out of order

2) [line 20] SHABISH MASNISA - say that the Mishnah is stated out of order
3) [line 25] MECHAYEH CHAYIM - the One who resurrects the dead; the Creator
4) [line 27] MESUKANIN - favorable, fortunate
5) [last line] YISA BAS TALMID CHACHAM - (a) he should marry the daughter of a Talmid Chacham; (b) he should marry off his *son* to the daughter of a Talmid Chacham (MAHARSHA)


6) [line 8] YEISUN BENEI AMEMIN LI'SHLAM - may the descendants of the nations (descendants of converts) come in peace; Shemaya and Avtalyon were descendants of Sancheriv, the king of Assyria

7) [line 17] MASHZAR - twined; this is referring to the Rimonim (pomegranates) which were on the bottom of the Me'il (Shemos 39:24)

8) [line 21] PA'AREI HA'MIGBA'OS - (a) the fine linen hats (RASHI); (b) the turban hats (RAMBAN)

9) [line 23] D'CHISNA NIHAVU - that they should be [made of] linen
10) [line 25] SHE'YIHEYU SHEZURIN - that they should be twined together
11) [line 29] BAD BAD - in single stalks, one stalk from each seed
12) [line 29] IPATZULEI MIPATZLA - the strands of wool split
13) [line 31] AGAV LAKUSEI MIPTZIL - because of its being beaten, it splits
14) [line 39] GEMARA GEMIRI LAH - we know it by tradition from Moshe on Sinai (Halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai)

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