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Yoma 53

YOMA 53 - dedicated anonymously sponsored towards a REFU'AH SHELEMAH to Shmuel Yakov ben Ayala Hinda, Ilana Golda bas Chana and Klarees Marcia bas Mammie.

1) [line 13] D'KA ME'YEIL BI'AH REIKANIS - he enters the Kodesh ha'Kodashim without performing any Avodah there

2) [line 20] KRA L'KRA? - is the Tana bringing a verse as a proof for another verse?

3a) [line 21] ALEH MA'ALEH ASHAN - the leaf of the Ma'aleh Ashan plant (probably Leptadenia Pyrotechnica, which contains nitric acid, that causes the smoke of the incense to rise straight up in a column)
b) [line 22] IKAR MA'ALEH ASHAN - the root of the Ma'aleh Ashan plant
4) [line 24] METAMER V'OLEH K'MAKEL - would rise straight up like a stick
5) [line 25] MEMASHMESH V'YORED B'KOSALIM - it moves slowly (gropes) down the walls
6a) [line 28] SHILOH - the city in the portion of Efrayim where the Mishkan was built after the 14 years of conquest and apportionment of Eretz Yisrael. The Mishkan stood there for 369 years (Seder Olam Raba 11).
b) [line 28] BEIS OLAMIM - the Beis ha'Mikdash. It was called by this name, the Eternal Dwelling, because once it was chosen, it became the permanent dwelling place of the Shechinah

7a) [line 43] LEVIYIM B'DUCHANAN - the Leviyim, who were standing on the Duchan. The Duchan was a raised platform with 3 steps on which the Leviyim stood facing the Sanctuary (their backs to the people) while singing to HaSh-m, when the Kohanim offered obligatory public Korbenos Olah (Burnt- Offerings) or the Shelamim (peace-offering) of Shavuos. They also played musical instruments to accompany the singing.
b) [line 43] YISRAEL B'MA'AMDAN - Israelites who stood in the Azarah when the Korban Tamid was offered, representing the entire people of Israel

c) [line 43] B'MA'AMADAN (MA'AMADOS)
(a) The Mishnah in Ta'anis 26a states that the early prophets divided Benei Yisrael into twenty-four groups, or Ma'amados. Each Ma'amad consisted of Kohanim, Leviyim and Yisraelim, and it was their duty to make sure that the Korbanos were sacrificed properly. The Ma'amados worked in a rotation and took responsibility for the Korbanos of one week, twice each year.
(b) When each Ma'amad's turn arrived, the Kohanim and Leviyim would travel to the Beis ha'Mikdash to do the divine service. Some of the Yisraelim traveled to Yerushalayim, also, but most of them stayed in their own cities. It was the job of the Yisraelim to pray that the week's Korbanos should be accepted by HaSh-m. They gathered together to fast, read special portions of the Torah and recite the special Shemoneh Esrei of Ta'aniyos (see Background to Shabbos 24:1).

8) [line 44] METZADEDIN PENEIHEN V'HOLCHIN - they walk with their faces turned towards the Heichal

9) [line 46] KAD HAVAH MIFTAR MINEI D'REBBI YOCHANAN - when he would take leave of Rebbi Yochanan

10) [line 46] L'SAGUYEI - to go away
11) [line 46] HAVAH GACHIN KAI REBBI ELAZAR A'DUCHTEI - Rebbi Elazar would bow and stand in his place

13a) [last line] AD D'MENAGFAN KAR'EI - until his feet got battered
b) [last line] U'MITAVSAN ISKUFTA ... DAMA - and the threshold of Rav Yosef's house became stained with blood


14) [line 2] D'TARUM REISHACH A'KULA KERAKA - (lit. that your head shall be raised over the entire city) (a) that you shall become the Rosh Yeshiva (RASHI); (b) that the Halachah should always follow your opinion (RABEINU CHANANEL, citing Yesh Mefarshim)

15) [line 8] L'KELEV SHE'SHAV AL KI'O - to a dog that goes back to eat its vomit
16) [line 11] "M'YMINO ESH DAS LAMO" - "From His right hand He presented the fiery Torah to them" (Devarim 33:2)

17) [line 12] L'MEISAV B'YMIN - to give an object with the right hand
18) [line 16] BI'KERI'AH ACHAS - during one bow
19a) [line 18] GESHUMAH - rainy
b) [line 18] SHECHUNAH - hot
20) [line 20] LO YA'DEI AVID SHULTAN MID'VEIS YEHUDAH - may a ruler not depart from the House of Yehudah; this is a quote from Targum Onkelos to Bereishis 49:10

21) [line 22] SHADA MITRA ALEI - rain came down on him
22) [line 34] MATZLIF - like a person who is whipping; like the flogger who administers each blow below the previous one - see Rashi

23) [line 35] KAN HA'ZAHAV - the golden stand
24) [line 36] MIZRAK - a bowl (that holds the blood that will be sprinkled in the Kodesh and Kodesh ha'Kodashim)

25) [line 48] MELAMDEINU PA'AM RISHONAH U'SHENIYAH - teaches us from two verses

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