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Yoma 45

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1) [line 1] SHE'NITVEH K'CHUT - [so soft] that it may be spun like thread
2) [line 29] L'EIVARIM U'FEDARIM SHE'LO NIS'AKLU MIBA'EREV - for limbs and fats of the Korbanos that were not consumed by the fire during the previous evening

3) [line 36] HATZASAS ALISA - lighting the kindling wood [of the Ma'arachah]
4) [line 45] MAPUCHA - a bellows


5) [line 2] KEVESH, SOVEV
(a) The Mizbach ha'Olah of the Beis ha'Mikdash consisted of three concrete and stone platforms poured one on top of the other. The Yesod (bottom platform) was 32 Amos long, 32 Amos wide and 1 Amah high. The second platform was 30 Amos long, 30 Amos wide and 5 Amos high. The third platform (which the Rambam calls "Mekom ha'Ma'arachah"), upon which the sacrifices were offered, was 28 Amos long, 28 Amos wide, and 3 Amos high. A Keren (horn), which was a one-Amah cube, was poured on each corner of the upper platform. (RAMBAM Hilchos Beis ha'Bechirah 2:5-8)
(b) The Yesod protruded outward one Amah further than the middle section on two complete sides, the northern and the western. It protruded on the eastern and southern sides only for the length of one Amah from the northern and western corners. The blood of many of the Korbanos was cast on the sides of the Mizbe'ach above the Yesod, and it ran down to the Yesod (Zevachim 37a, based upon Vayikra 5:9). The remainder of the blood of some Korbanos was poured directly onto the Yesod, as it states in the Torah (Shemos 29:12; Vayikra 4:7; etc.)
(c) The Kohanim walked upon the part of the middle platform that jutted out one Amah on each side past the upper platform. This was called the "Sovev", because it encircled the Mizbe'ach.
(d) The Keranos were hollow. (RAMBAM ibid. 2:8)
(e) The ramp was 32 Amos long and 16 Amos wide, and was separated from the south side of the Mizbe'ach by a hair's breadth (Pesachim 77a, Zevachim 62b). It was indented on the bottom, at the face of the Mizbe'ach, such that it covered the Sovev.

6) [line 4] IKULEI OLAH - partially-consumed parts of the Olah that burst and flew off of the bonfire on the Mizbe'ach

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