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Yoma 40

YOMA 36-40 have anonymously sponsored towards a REFU'AH SHELEMAH to Shmuel Yakov ben Ayala Hinda, Ilana Golda bas Chana and Klarees Marcia bas Mammie

1) [line 13] PALIGNA ALAICHU - I argue with you


2) [line 11] LIRDOS - (a) to overcome you with their arguments; (b) to rebel (to argue in favor of their heretical views)

*3*) [line 21] U'SHEMA MINA HAGRALAH ME'AKVA - (that is, this is proof against the statement of Rebbi Yochanan according to the Lishna Kama, that *nobody* holds Hagralah is Me'akev. Even according to the Lishna Basra proof may be brought against Rebbi Yochanan, since it may be assumed that this Beraisa, which is an anonymous Sifra, was authored by Rebbi Yehudah -- TOSFOS YESHANIM)

*4*) [line 24] YANICHENU ALAV AD SHE'AS SHECHITAH - that is, one might have thought that it is a Mitzvah, l'Chatchilah, to keep the Goral on the goat until it is slaughtered. This verse, however, teaches us that it is not a Mitzvah to do so *even l'Chatchilah*.

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