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Yoma 35

YOMA 32-35 - anonymously sponsored towards a REFU'AH SHELEMAH to Shmuel Yakov ben Ayala Hinda, Ilana Golda bas Chana and Klarees Marcia bas Mammie

The numbers that appear next to certain entries represent the number assigned to those items in the diagram of the Beis ha'Mikdash of the Tiferes Yisrael (e.g. TY #43). This diagram, which will be included in a separate mailing and can be found on our site, is printed both in the Tiferes Yisrael Mishnayos (in Midos Chapter 2 or following Midos) and in Rav P. Kahati's Mishnayos (page 290, at the beginning of Midos).

1) [line 1] PARVAH AMGUSHA - Parvah, the magician
2) [line 7] IY BATZIR ME'HANEI V'TAFI A'HANEI, LEIS LAN BAH - if he makes the garments of the morning less in value than 18 Maneh or those of the evening greater in value than 12 Maneh, there is no problem (see Insights to Yoma 35:2)

3) [last line] MUVCHAR B'VAD - the choicest of fine linen


4) [line 1] "[UV'TZEISAM EL HE'CHATZER HA'CHITZONAH, EL HE'CHATZER HA'CHITZONAH EL HA'AM, YIFSHETU ES BIGDEIHEM ASHER HEMAH MESHARSIM BAM, V'HINICHU OSAM B'LISHCHOS HA'KODESH;] V'LAVSHU BEGADIM ACHERIM V'LO YEKADESHU ES HA'AM B'VIGDEIHEM" - "[When they (the Kohanim) go out to the outer part of the courtyard - to the outer courtyard to the people - they shall remove the clothes in which they had ministered and leave them in the holy chambers,] and they shall don other garments; they shall not mingle with the people while wearing their clothes." (Yechezkel 44:19)

5) [line 6] AVODAS YACHID - (a) removing the Kaf and Machtah from the Kodesh ha'Kodashim on Yom ha'Kipurim, which is an Avodah that is not done for the benefit of the community but which the Kohen Gadol must do, since it is not appropriate to leave them there (RASHI); (b) offering Nedarim and Nedavos (MEIRI)

6) [line 16] K'CHAMRA B'MAZGA - like the appearance of wine through a thick glass or crystal decanter

*7*) [line 16] TANU RABANAN: ANI V'ASHIR - (This Agadah is discussed here because it pertains to Rebbi Elazar ben Charsum, whose beautiful shirt was discussed above.)

8) [line 22] TARPE'IK - Victoriatus = Quinarius, half a Dinar (a Sela of Kesef Medinah, provincial coinage, the value of which is one-eighth of Kesef Tzuri, the denominations of coins used in Tzor)

9) [line 26] NITLEH - he suspended himself precariously
10) [line 26] ARUBAH - a skylight; an aperture in the roof
11) [line 31] SICHUHU - they rubbed him with oil
12) [line 37] ANGAREYA - forced labor for public service, esp. seizure for public service or works

13) [line 38] UMI'YAMAV LO HALACH V'RA'AH OSAN - and he never went to see them (the cities or ships)

14) [line 40] NA'EH HAYISI - I was handsome
15) [line 40] TARUD B'YITZRI - busily engaged or troubled by my evil inclination
16) [line 42] MESHADLATU - seduce him
17) [line 42] SHE'LAVSHAH LO - that she put on to entice him
18) [line 44] HAREINI CHOVASHTECHA - I will lock you up
19) [line 45] HAREINI KOFEFES KOMASECHA - I will bend your upright posture (by hanging weights from your neck or making you carry heavy weights)

20) [line 49] HA'ULAM - TY #56; the Entrance Hall of the Beis ha'Mikdash (that opened onto the Heichal); the largest and most ornate structure in the Beis ha'Mikdash, which was as high as a 17-story building

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