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Yoma 33

YOMA 32-35 - anonymously sponsored towards a REFU'AH SHELEMAH to Shmuel Yakov ben Ayala Hinda, Ilana Golda bas Chana and Klarees Marcia bas Mammie

1) [line 4] MESADER MA'ARACHAH - taught the order of the Avodos of the Mizbe'ach
2) [line 4] MI'SHMEI D'GEMARA - according to the tradition received by the entire Yeshiva
3) [line 5] MA'ARACHAH GEDOLAH - the large wood-pile on which the sacrifices were burned
4) [line 37] SHUM ETZIM - (lit. the name, or category "wood"); i.e. we find that [the general term of] wood is a Machshir for the Ketores (as fuel) [and therefore the wood of the Ma'arachah precedes removing the ashes from the Mizbe'ach ha'Ketores]


6) [line 4] MEMUTZA V'OMED BA'EMTZA - stood exactly in the middle
7) [line 5] KIM'A - a little
8) [line 8] ABUREI DERA'A A'TOTEFTA, ASUR - to delay the Tefilin of the arm in order to first put on the Tefilin of the head, is forbidden

9) [line 9] MI'DERA'A L'TOTEFTA - after putting on the Tefilin of the arm, one puts on the Tefilin of the head

10) [line 13] CHAD SHADYEI L'HATAVAS CHAMESH NEROS - one "ba'Boker" is applied to the preparing of the five lights (added to the total words "ba'Boker" of the lights)

11) [line 27] KEDEI L'HARGISH KOL HA'AZARAH KULAH - to cause a great sound in the entire Azarah

12) [line 32] D'KA'AMAR RACHMANA NEKADMU L'MA'ARACHAH SHENIYAH SHEL KETORES - maybe the Torah is trying to teach that the Shenei Gezirei Etzim come before the Ma'arachah Sheniah Shell Ketores (and this will preclude Abaye's teaching)

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