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Yoma 32

YOMA 32-35 - anonymously sponsored towards a REFU'AH SHELEMAH to Shmuel Yakov ben Ayala Hinda, Ilana Golda bas Chana and Klarees Marcia bas Mammie

1) [line 16] ME'AVODAH L'AVODAH - from an Avodah performed while wearing the Bigdei Lavan to an Avodah performed while wearing the Bigdei Zahav (and vice versa)


2) [line 5] KAPARASAN MERUBAH - they are used to atone for many things (throughout the year)
3) [line 37] GISHAH - approaching the Mizbe'ach to do Avodah
4) [line 43] LISHNA D'KETALA HU - it is a expression that connotes killing
5) [line 44] "EGLAH YEFEH-FIYAH MITZRAYIM; KERETZ MI'TZAFON BA VA" - "Egypt is a beautiful calf; a slaughterer from the north is surely coming" (Yirmeyahu 46:20)

6) [line 46] (MALKA YA'EI) [MALCHUS YA'AYA] - a beautiful kingdom (MALCHUS YA'AYA is the Girsa in Dikdukei Sofrim #90 and the Targum)

7) [line 46] AMEMIN KETOLIN - nations that are killers
8) [line 46] MI'TZIPUNA YEISUN ALAH - shall come against it (Egypt) from the north

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