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Yoma 27

YOMA 27, 28, 29 (16 Shevat), 30 - have been dedicated by Gitle Bekelnitzky to the memory of Leah bas Mordechai Dovid and Chasya (Bikelnitzky), mother of her late husband, Simcha Bekelnitzky.

1) [line 3] V'CHI ME'AYIN BASA? - (lit. from where are you coming?) what is the basis to say that Shechitah is Pasul if done by a non-Kohen?

2) [line 7] KABALAH
The offering of a Korban is comprised of four main actions. These four "Avodos" are Shechitah (slaughtering), Kabalah (collecting the blood of the Korban that will be cast on the Mizbe'ach), Holachah (carrying the blood towards the Mizbe'ach) and Zerikah (casting the blood on the Mizbe'ach).

3) [line 18] DIVCHA - a[n animal] sacrifice
*4*) [line 25] V'EIMA HACHI NAMI L'GUFEI - see Insights


6) [line 3] PORKAH - he takes it apart
7) [line 6] PEDARIM - fats of the sacrifice that are put on the Mizbe'ach

8) [line 7] TERUMAS HA'DESHEN Every morning a Kohen would remove some of the ashes from the consumed sacrifices and place them to the southeast of the Mizbe'ach alongside the ramp, at a distance of three Tefachim (approx. 10.5 inches) from the ramp and 10 Amos from the start of the ramp, as the verse states in Vayikra 6:1- 4.

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