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Yoma 26

YOMA 26 - by Reb Wolfe Rosengarten of Zurich, in honor of Rav Moshe Soloveitchik, Zatzal, and the Yeshiva he established in Moscow.

1) [line 12] D'MORI - who rules on Halachic matters
2) [line 17] ASUKEI SHEMATA ALIBA D'HILCHESA - who learn the Sugyos and conclude from them the correct Halachah

3) [line 28] MISHMAROS
The Kohanim were divided into 24 shifts according to their families (Mishmaros), each of which served in the Mikdash for two weeks out of a year. The Mishmaros changed on Shabbos, when the outgoing Mishmar did the Avodah in the morning and the incoming Mishmar did the Avodah in the afternoon. Every Mishmar was further divided into six Batei Avos, with the Kohanim of each Beis Av serving on a different day of the week. On Shabbos, all the Batei Avos of the Mishmar did the Avodah together (see also Insights to Shekalim 18:1).

4) [line 29] (MAISI) KULHU MI'TZAFRA ASU - they all participate in the lottery in the morning (the word "MAISI" is not found in the Saloniki Printing)

*5*) [line 32] MASNISIN D'LO K'REBBI ELIEZER BEN YAKOV - (a) According to our Mishnah, a single Kohen brings all of the Evarim up the ramp to the Mizbe'ach. He is not one of the original Kohanim who brought the Evarim *to* the ramp -- RASHI 26b DH Tamid; (b) According to our Mishnah, *thirteen* new Kohanim are chosen to bring the Evarim up the ramp to the Mizbe'ach, however they are not the original Kohanim who brought the Evarim *to* the ramp. Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov, the original Kohanim who brought the Evarim to the ramp bring the Evarim up the ramp (TOSFOS YESHANIM, RITVA)


One of the Mitzvos of the festival of Sukos in the Beis a'Mikdash is the Nisuch ha'Mayim (water libation that is offered on the Mizbe'ach). Three Lugim (approx. 1.5 liter) of water are drawn from the Shilo'ach spring that is located to the south of the Temple Mount. The water is brought to the Azarah in a joyous procession, to fulfill the verse, "u'Sh'avtem Mayim b'Sason ..." ("and you shall draw water with rejoicing ..." - Yeshayah 12:3). The Kohen who is chosen to pour the water ascends the Mizbe'ach and pours the water from a golden flask into one of the Sefalim (the silver libation pipes located in the southwest corner of the Mizbe'ach). This takes place each day of Sukos at the time of the morning Tamid sacrifice, amidst much rejoicing.

(a) The Lechem ha'Panim (Showbread) is an offering of 12 loaves (that are Matzah) which are arranged in two stacks (Sedarim), six loaves to each stack, on the Golden Table of the Mishkan or Beis ha'Mikdash. Fresh loaves were arranged on the Table every Shabbos and are left there until the following Shabbos. The Kohanim eat the loaves that are removed. (Vayikra 24:5-9).
(b) A Kometz (the amount that will fit under the middle three fingers when they are pressed upon the palm) of Levonah (frankincense) in a Bazach (bowl) is placed alongside each stack.. Only the Levonah is offered on the Mizbe'ach.

8a) [line 40] HEFSHEITAN - skinning them
b) [line 40] NITUCHAN - dismembering them

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