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Yoma 4

1) [line 2] D'YALIFNA - that I learn [the seven-day period of Perishah]
2) [line 38] "[VA'YA'AL MOSHE EL HA'HAR; VA'YECHAS HE'ANAN ES HA'HAR.] VA'YISHKON KEVOD HASH-M AL HAR SINAI [VA'YECHASEHU HE'ANAN SHESHES YAMIM; VA'YIKRA EL MOSHE BA'YOM HA'SHEVI'I MI'TOCH HE'ANAN]" - "[Moshe went up to the mountain; and the cloud cover the mountain.] HaSh-m's Glory rested on Mount Sinai, [and the cloud covered it (or him) for six days. He called to Moshe on the seventh day from the midst of the cloud]" (Shemos 24:15-16)


4) [line 1] [MOSHE] V'CHOL YISRAEL OMDIN - Moshe and all of Benei Yisrael were [standing at the foot of Har Sinai,] ready [to receive the Torah]

5) [line 4] L'MAREK - to clean, purge
6a) [line 7] EIMAH - fear, dread, terror
b) [line 7] RESES - trembling
c) [line 7] ZI'A - shuddering
7) [line 8] "V'GILU BI'R'ADAH" - "and rejoice with trepidation" (Tehilim 2:11)

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