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Yevamos 57

YEVAMOS 46-60 - Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored the Dafyomi publications for these Dafim for the benefit of Klal Yisrael.


(a) Abaye (to establish Rebbi Elazar Amar Rebbi Oshaya - who permits the wife of a Kohen P'tzu'a Daka to eat Terumah according to Rebbi Elazar and Rebbi Shimon) says 'Ho'il u'Ma'achilah be'Lo Yad'ah'.
What does this mean? What is the case?

(b) How does Rava resolve Rebbi Elazar Amar Rebbi Oshaya?

(c) Why does ...

  1. ... Abaye not learn like Rava?
  2. ... Rava not learn like Abaye?
(d) Abaye proves that the fact that she has already eaten makes no difference, from a bas Yisrael who was married to a Kohen, who is not permitted to eat Terumah after his death, because she already ate in his lifetime.
On what grounds does Rava refute Abaye's proof?
(a) When Rebbi Yochanan asked Rebbi Oshaya the She'eilah whether a P'tzu'a Daka Kohen may feed his wife who is a bas Geirim Terumah, he did not answer. How did Rebbi Yehudah Nesi'ah query him, when, immediately after that, Resh Lakish asked him a She'eilah which he did answer?

(b) What was the real reason for Rebbi Oshaya's silence?

(c) Assuming that a P'tzu'a Daka Kohen retains his Kedushah, why can Rebbi Yochanan's She'eilah not have been according to ...

  1. ... Rebbi Yehudah? What does Rebbi Yehudah hold regarding the daughter of a male convert?
  2. ... Rebbi Yossi? What does *he* hold?
(d) If, on the other hand, a P'tzu'a Daka Kohen does not retains his Kedushah, why can the She'eilah not have been according to ...
  1. ... Rebbi Yehudah? What does Rebbi Yehudah hold regarding the congregation of converts?
  2. ... Rebbi Yossi? What does *he* hold?
(a) So Rebbi Yochanan's She'eilah can only have been according to Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov.
What does Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov say (in a Mishnah in Bikurim)?

(b) What is then Rebbi Yochanan's She'eilah? What are the two possible ways of explaining the advantage of the fact that her mother was a bas Yisrael?

(c) We ultimately resolve Rebbi Yochanan's She'eilah from a Beraisa quoted by Rav Acha bar Chin'na mi'Daroma, which specifically permits a P'tzu'a Daka to feed his wife who is a bas Geirim Terumah.
From which Pasuk in Emor does the Tana learn it?

(d) How do we know that the author of the Beraisa is not Rebbi Yehudah or Rebbi Yossi?

Answers to questions



(a) Rav Holds 'Yesh Chupah li'P'sulos'.
What does he mean by that?

(b) What does Shmuel say?

(c) In which case does Shmuel claim that Rav will agree with him?

(d) How does Rava prove this from the Beraisa, which says that the Bi'ah of a three-year old girl is considered a Bi'ah to invalidate her from Terumah through the Bi'ah of one of the Pesulim?

(a) The Bi'ah of a girl of three and over is considered valid with regard to Kidushin, Yibum or to render her an Eishes-Ish.
What does the Tana mean when he adds ...
  1. ... 'u'Metam'ah es Bo'alah ... '?
  2. ... 'le'Tamei Mishkav Tachton ke'Elyon'?
(b) May a bas Yisrael who is under three eat Terumah if she marries a Kohen?
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