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YEVAMOS 79, 80 - The first two of four Dafim dedicated in honor of Dr. Charles and Rosalind Neustein, whose retirement to Florida allows them to spend even more time engaging in Torah study!


(a) Question: How do we know that he was a Seris from birth?
(b) Answer (Abaye): When he urinates, it does not make an arch.
(c) Question: What causes it?
(d) Answer: His mother baked in the heat of the afternoon, and drank mixed beer.
1. (Rav Yosef): I had heard my mother say, 'Anyone stricken from birth' - now I know what she referred to.
(e) Question: We should be concerned that he got better in the interim!
(f) Answer: Since he is a Seris at the beginning and the end, we are not concerned that he was better in the middle.
(g) Question (Rav Mari - Beraisa): R. Chanina Ben Antigonus says, we check (a firstborn animal with a blemished eye) 3 times within 80 days.
(h) Answer: We are concerned that 1 limb recovered in between, but not that the entire body did.
(i) (Mishnah): R. Eliezer says, no, rather ...
(j) Contradiction (Mishnah - Beis Hillel): A 20 year old man that has not brought 2 hairs - he proves that he is 20, and he is established as a Seris; he does not do Chalitzah nor Yibum;
(k) A 20 year old woman that has not brought 2 hairs - she proves that he is 20, and she is established as an Ailonis; she does not do Chalitzah nor Yibum;
(l) Beis Shamai says, the age for both of them is 18; R. Eliezer says, for a man, 20; for a woman, 18, since a woman matures faster.
(m) Answer #1 (Rami Bar Dikuli): R. Eliezer retracted his opinion.
1. Question: Which did he retract?
2. Answer (Beraisa - R. Eliezer): A Seris Chamah does Chalitzah, and Chalitzah is done to his wife, because in Aleksandria, they have a cure for this.
(n) Answer #2 (R. Elazar): R. Eliezer did not retract - the Mishnah (of 18 and 20 years) refers to the age at which they are considered adults to be punished for sins.
(a) A person ate Chelev between the age of 12 and 18, then brought signs of being a Seris; later, he brought hairs.
1. (Rav): He becomes an adult retroactively.
2. (Shmuel): He was a minor when he ate.
3. Question (Rav Yosef): According to Rav, R. Meir should say that there is a fine for one who rapes or entices an Ailonis!
4. Answer (Abaye): No, she jumps from being a minor to a Bogeres, and is never a Na'arah.
5. Rav Yosef: If only such teachings would be said in my name!
(b) (Beraisa): A Seris is not judged as a rebellious son, because the time to be judged as a rebellious son is after
(c) the lower beard is completed; an Ailonis is not judged as an engaged Na'arah, since she goes from being a minor to a Bogeres.
(d) (R. Avahu): One with signs of being a Seris or Ailonis is not treated as an adult until 20; a baby born after 8 months of pregnancy is not considered to be alive until 20.
(e) Question: Can an 8 month baby really live?!
1. (Beraisa): An 8 month baby is as a rock; he may not be moved on Shabbos, but his mother may bend down to nurse him, because of danger.

(f) Answer: The case is, his signs are complete.
1. (Beraisa): What is an 8 month baby? One who did not stay 9 months in the womb; Rebbi says, his signs demonstrate this - his hair and nails are incomplete.
i. If they are complete, we assume that he is a 7 month baby that delayed a month before being born.
(g) Question: There was a case of a woman who gave birth 12 months after her husband went overseas, and Rabah Tosfa'ah said that the child is Kosher - this is as Rebbi, who says that a baby may come out late, and unlike Chachamim!
(h) Answer: Since R. Shimon Ben Gamliel also holds this way, it is like a majority.
1. (Beraisa - R. Shimon Ben Gamliel): Any child that lives 30 days is viable (i.e. even if he was born in the 8th month, we say that he was a 7 month baby that came out late).
(i) (Beraisa): A Seris Chamah is a 20 year old that did not bring 2 hairs, even if he brings hairs later. The signs are:
1. He has no beard.
2. His hair is soft.
3. His skin is smooth.
4. R. Shimon Ben Gamliel: His urine does not foam.
5. Some say - when he urinates, it does not make an arch;
6. Some say - his seed is watery.
7. Some say - his urine does not decay.
8. Others say - he bathes in winter, and his body does not give off steam.
9. R. Shimon Ben Elazar: His voice is stricken, and it cannot be discerned if he is a man or a woman.
(j) An Ailonis is a 20 year old that did not bring 2 hairs, even if she brings hairs later. The signs are:
1. She has no breasts.
2. Relations are painful for her.
3. R. Shimon Ben Gamliel: She does not have curved hips as women.
4. R. Shimon Ben Elazar: She has a deep voice, and it cannot be discerned if she is a man or a woman.
(k) (Rav Huna): One must have all the signs of a Seris to be a Seris.
(l) (R. Yochanan): Even if he has 1 of them.
1. When he has 2 hairs in the beard, all agree that he is only a Seris if he has all the signs; they argue when he lacks 2 hairs in the beard.
(m) Question: But Rabah Bar Avuha said, 'Check Rav Nachman - if he gives off steam when he bathes, I will marry my daughter to him' - this was as Rav Huna?
(n) Answer: No, it is even as R. Yochanan - Rav Nachman had a beard.
(a) (Mishnah): A Seris does not do Chalitzah or Yibum; also, an Ailonis ...
(b) The case of a Seris is taught, similar to an Ailonis.
1. Just as an Ailonis is due to Heaven, also a Seris.
2. The end of the Mishnah, taught anonymously, is as R. Akiva, who says that a Seris Adam does Chalitzah, not a Seris at the hands of Heaven.
(c) (Mishnah): A Seris that did Chalitzah did not disqualify her ...
(d) Only a Seris disqualifies a Yevamah through relations - but if another has relations with her, not!
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