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Yevamos 98

YEVAMOS 98 (30 Adar!) - dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel. May all the members of his family be blessed with Simcha and fulfillment, throughout their lives!

1) [line 4] EIN AV (L'MITZRI) [L'GOY] - a (Mitzri) Nochri has no recognized father
2) [line 5] SHETUFEI B'ZIMAH - sunken in immorality
3) [line 9] AFKUREI AFKEREI RACHAMANA L'ZAR'EI - The Torah removes the familial bonds (regarding specific Halachic purposes) from the seed of a Nochri

4) [line 20] KERAKEI HA'YAM - fortified port cities


5) [line 16] APUKEI MAPIK - he divorces [one of them]
6) [line 23] KALASH LEI ISURA - the prohibition of [a Jew] marrying a mother- in-law becomes weaker [and is punishable with Kares instead of Sereifah (burning)]

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