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Yevamos 97

YEVAMOS 96, 97 - These Dafim have been sponsored through the generous donation of Reb Uri Wolfson of Yerushalayim, a true Ohev Torah.

1) [line 4] DOVEVOS - move, quiver
2) [line 5] "V'CHIKECH K'YEIN HA'TOV, HOLECH L'DODI L'MEISHARIM, DOVEV SIFSEI YESHENIM." - "And your palate [words] should be like the choicest wine, that causes a sleeper's lips to murmur; "I am true to my beloved!" (Shir ha'Shirim 7:10)

3) [line 7] KOMER SHEL ANAVIM - a utensil in which grapes are placed before pressing so that they will heat up and their wine will flow easily

4) [line 8] DOVEV - the grapes, which are turning into a mass of wine-gel, quiver (O.F. fromier - to be restless)

5) [line 13] SARIS - an impotent man
6) [line 13] V'HU HA'SARIS - and he has shown signs or symptoms that he is a Saris
7) [line 18] SIMANEI SARIS - the signs of a Saris recorded in the Gemara on Daf 80b
8) [line 22] ZILU AVARYUHU - go make him healthy (i.e. feed him until he gains weight)

9) [line 23] ZILU AKCHESHUHU - go weaken him (i.e. deprive him of food until he loses weight)

10) [line 23] SIMANIN - pubic hair
11) [line 24] D'NASREI - fall out


12) [line 29] HA'NIT'AN MIN HA'ISHAH - one who is suspected of having illicit relations with a married woman. The word Nit'an means loaded, as in "Ta'anu Es Be'irechem" - "Load your animals" (Bereishis 45:17), and in this context means that the man has been "loaded" with allegations of misconduct

13) [line 41] KENAF SHE'RA'AH AVIV - (lit. the cloak-border that his father has seen) a women with whom his father had relations

14) [line 42] ME'ILAVEI D'KERA - from what is written before that verse (in the previous verse)


15) [line 1] ACH ME'AV V'LO ME'EM - He is my half-brother from my father but not from my mother

16) [line 1] V'HU BA'ALAH D'EM - and he is the husband of my mother
17) [line 1] V'ANA BARTAH D'INTESEI - and I am the daughter of his wife
18) [line 3] ACH HU U'VRI HU - He is my brother and he is my son
19) [line 3] ACHASEI ANA D'HAI D'DARINA A'KASPAI - and I am the sister of this [baby] that I am carrying on my shoulder

20) [line 5] OVED KOCHAVIM HA'BA AL BITO - that is, not necessarily a Nochri; it could well be a wicked Jew

21) [line 5] SHELAMA LACH BRI - Peace to you, my son
22) [line 6] BAR ACHASICH ANA - I am the daughter of your sister
23) [line 7] DELA'EI D'DALU DAVLA - You workers who water fields!
24) [line 8] LIPOL BECHU SESER PESER - here is a riddle (lit. a riddle has fallen among you) for you to decipher

25) [line 8] D'HAI D'DARINA HU BAR - this [baby] that I am carrying is my son
26) [line 10] BAIYA BAIYA ME'ACH V'HU AV - Woe unto me from my brother who is my father

27) [line 12] PITA - bread, provisions
28) [line 13] L'ACHUHA YASMEI BENEI BARTEI - to his brothers, the orphans, who are the sons of his daughter (they are not necessarily orphans but are forlorn since no one is providing them with sustenance)

29) [line 15] ANA V'AT ACHEI, ANA V'AVUCH ACHEI, ANA V'IMECH ACHEI - You and I are siblings [from our father]; your father and I are siblings [from our mother]; your mother and I are sisters [from our parents]

30) [line 17] V'KARYA LEI AHCASEI D'IMA - and his mother's sister calls to him
31) [line 17] ANA V'AT BENEI ACHEI - You and I are sons of sisters
32) [line 23] BENEI YUDAN AMSA ISHTACHRUR - the son of Yudan the maidservant were freed

33) [line 24] L'MINSAV NASHEI D'HADADEI - to marry each other's wives (should one of them divorce his wife or die, but *not* for the purpose of the Mitzvah of Yibum)

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