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Yevamos 76

YEVAMOS 76, 77 - Dedicated by Eddie and Esther Turkel in prayer for a Refu'ah Shelemah to Yitzchak ben Lanah. May the Talmud Torah d'Rabim sponsored in his honor protect him and gain him a full and speedy recovery.

1) [line 1] BI'MEKOMAH MEVASHLAH - when it is in its place (the spermatic duct) it is virile

2) [line 3] KOL SHE'ILU MIKRI V'NIKRA - if at the time of ejaculation the hole is torn open

3) [line 11] NAHAMA CHAMIMA D'SA'AREI - hot barley bread
4) [line 12] A'BEI PUKREI - on the aperture of his rectum
5) [line 16] BARZILAI HA'GIL'ADI - follower of David ha'Melech who helped him during his flight from Yerushalayim at the time of the revolt of David's son Avshalom (Shmuel II 17:27, 19:32-40). David instructed his son Shlomo to befriend the family of Barzilai ha'Gil'adi because of his loyalty (Melachim I 2:7)

6) [line 18] SHOSES - flows gently
7) [line 20] KERUM SHE'ALAH MACHMAS MAKAH B'REI'AH - a thin film that develops over a wound in the lung

8) [line 22] MAISINAN SE'ARTA - we bring a kernel of barley
9) [line 22] MESARTINAN LEI - we scratch the area around the hole
10) [line 23] TARBA - fat
11) [line 23] SHAIFINAN - we rub it in
12) [line 24] SHUMSHENA GAMLA - a large ant
13) [line 24] MENACHTINAN LEI - we cause the ant to bite him
14) [line 24] PASKINAN LEI L'REISHEI - we sever its head
15a) [line 25] PARZELA - iron
b) [line 25] MIZRAF ZARIF - lacerates (the flesh) (O.F. esgrati(g)nier - scratches); alt. causes swelling and infection (O.F. enfle - swollen)

16) [line 26] MIKPULEI MIKPAL - the scab peels off
17) [line 30] HA'MESOLELOS ZU B'ZU - who rub each other, seeking the titillating sensation of marital relations


18) [line 4] MINYAMIN GER MITZRI HAYAH LI CHAVER MI'TALMIDEI REBBI AKIVA - Minyamin the Mitzri convert, one of the disciples of Rebbi Akiva, was a friend of mine

19) [line 8] ANAN MI'SHLOMO LEKU V'NASIV!? - Can we ask raise an objection from Shlomo?!

20a) [line 27] IM HALACHA, NEKABEL - (a) if it is a Halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai that you learned from you teachers, we will accept it; (b) if it is a Halachah that you learned from you teachers, we will accept it
b) [line 27] IM L'DIN - if you are learning it from a Kal v'Chomer

21) [line 29] "VE'CHIR'OS SHAUL ES DAVID..." - "And when Shaul saw David go forth against the Pelishti, he said to Avner, the captain of the army, 'Avner, whose son is this youth?' And Avner said, 'As your soul lives, O king, I cannot tell.'" (Shmuel I 17:55)

22) [line 33] SHE'NICHNAS B'UCHLUSA V'YATZA B'UCHLUSA - who would come in at the head of an army (of 600,000) and go out with an army

21) [line 36] "VA'YALBESH SHAUL..." - "And Shaul armed David with his armor, and he put a helmet of bronze on his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail." (Shmuel I 17:38)

23) [line 37] DO'EG HA'ADOMI - minister to King Shaul who personally killed the Kohanim of the city of Nov (Shmuel I 21:8 - 22:18)

24) [line 40] MUM ZAR - [anyone with] a blemish of alienation

25) [line 41] "AL DEVAR ASHER LO KIDMU ESCHEM..." - "Because they did not meet you with bread and with water on the way, when you came out of Egypt; and because they hired against you Bil'am the son of Be'or of Pesor Aram, to curse you." (Devarim 23:5)

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