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Yevamos 67

1) [line 8] MEITAN DEMEI U'MISHKAL - to pay for the object and take it (after she had already received the value of her Kesuvah when she took the first utensil)

2) [line 16] UBAR BI'ME'EI ZARAH ZAR HU - a fetus (the father of which is a Kohen) in the womb of a woman who is not a Kohen (i.e. whose father is not a Kohen) has the status of a non-Kohen

3) [line 28] IHI HI - this (the case of the fetus in the womb of a Bas Kohen) is exactly that (the case of the fetus in the womb of a BasYisrael)!

4) [line 33] RAV CHANA BAGDESA'AH - (a) Rav Chana of Baghdad; (b) Rav Chana, the expert on Agadaic literature

5) [line 34] PUK - go out


6) [line 5] APOTROPOS - (O.F. seneschal) steward, manager of the household

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