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Yevamos 45

1) [line 14] SAR HA'BIRAH - minister of the palace
2) [line 15] KEFAR AKO - a town near the port city of Ako (Ptolemais). While many non-Jews lived in Ako, Kefar Ako was a primarily Jewish town

3) [line 15] PARUK HANAHU SHEVUYAISA D'ASU ME'ARMON L'TEVERYA - (a) redeemed certain women captives who came from Armon to Tiberias; (b) According to YA'AVETZ, Rashi is Gores "ME'ARMON *L'ANTUCHIYA*" - from Armon (Armenia) to Antuchiya, the ancient capital of Syria, situated on the Orontes River

4) [line 20] REVUSA L'MECHSHAV GAVREI? - Is it a great thing to cite authorities (lit. to enumerate people)?

5) [line 22] CHALUFEI BAR KAPARA V'AILEI ZIKNEI DAROM - remove Bar Kapara and insert the Elders of the South in his place

*6*) [line 24] AMAR RAV YOSEF, REBBI HI - that is, the reason why I ruled that the child is a Mamzer is not because of the rulings of Rav and Rebbi Yochanan, but because Rebbi ruled that way, and his opinion carries more weight than any other.

7) [line 28] HA'VELAD MEKULKAL - the child is ruined (and may not marry anyone)
8) [line 42] GAMLA B'MADAI, A'KABA RAKDA - a camel in Media can dance in a measuring container that holds a Kav, i.e. in Media anything is possible

9) [line 43] HA KABA, V'HA GAMLA, V'HA MADAI, V'LO RAKDA! - Here is the Kav measure, and here is the camel, and here is Media, and the camel is not dancing! i.e. you permit the child to everyone but refuse to let your daughter marry him

10) [line 44] IY MAR LO YAHIV LEI, ACHARINEI YAHAVEI LEI - if Rav does not give his daughter to him [in marriage], [there will always be] others [who] will give their daughters to him [in marriage]

11) [line 47] ITAMAR - hide yourself (by going to a place where no one knows you)
12) [line 48] NASIV BAS MINECH - marry a woman who is similar to you, who is the daughter of a Jewess and a Nochri

13) [line 48] O GALI - either go into exile [to another city where people do not know you]

14) [line 49] BENEI BEI MICHSEI - the people of Bei Michsei, possibly Makesin, a city on the Habor River, a tributary of the Euphrates River


*15*) [line 3] EIN LO TAKANAH - (a) he cannot marry a Jewess, since he is a Mamzer (RASHI); (b) he cannot marry anyone, even a Mamzeres or maidservant, since he is part Mamzer and part Jew. All of his children will have the same status, also (RAMBAM Hilchos Isurei Bi'ah 15:5)

16) [line 27] U'MANYEI - and appointed him
17) [line 28] B'FURSEI D'VAVEL - (O.F. menestrel) among the Jewish officers of Bavel
18) [line 32] L'SHEM INTESA - [he made her immerse to become purified from the Tum'ah of Nidah] for the sake of being his wife

19) [line 37] BAR ARAMAISA - the son of a Nochris (because they claimed that his mother's conversion was invalid, since did not immerse)

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