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Yevamos 41

YEVAMOS 41 (3 Shevat) - has been dedicated by Zvi and Tamarah Sand of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in memory of Tamarah's grandfather, Chanan (ben Chaim) Bromberg, on his Yahrzeit.

*1*) [line 25] V'ACHAR KACH MESAH ISHTO - the wife of the *second brother to die*, died (that is, the woman who had just fallen to Yibum and caused the Ba'alas ha'Ma'amar to become Asur to the unmarried brother).

2) [last line] LIBO GAS BAH - she is familiar to him (since they were permitted to be alone together after their betrothal)


3) [line 1] EIVUL - mourning
4) [line 8] ATAH MATZRICHAH KERUZ LA'KEHUNAH - you will necessitate a proclamation for her that she is permitted to marry Kohanim (since the Chalitzah that was performed with her may have been unnecessary should she have a viable child)

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