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Yevamos 28

YEVAMOS 28 (19 Teves) - dedicated to the memory of Hagaon Rav Yisrael Avraham Abba ben Harav Chaim Binyamin Ze'ev Krieger ZT"L, author of Yad Yisrael (on Rambam) and many other Sefarim. Sponsored by his son, Reb Chananel Benayahu Krieger Krieger (Yerushalayim).


1) [line 7] HASAM MISHUM D'IKA SHENI D'MUCHACH - there (earlier in the Mishnah on Daf 26a, "Hayesah Achas Mehen Asurah Al ha'Echad...") [we would have thought that the brother-in-law who is prohibited from performing Yibum with one of the Yevamos, is permitted to perform Yibum with the other Yevamah (who is not an Achos Zekukah with regard to him)] because there is a second brother-in-law who proves [that we need to be careful not to perform Yibum with an Achos Zekukah. The second brother-in-law is prohibited from performing Yibum with *both* of the Yevamos, who are Zekukos to him and are therefore both Achos Zekukah with regard to him.]

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