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Yevamos 27

*1*) [line 21] ELA TZARAH D'LE'AH TIPATER? - see Insights
2) [line 26] HISCHIL BA'ACHAYOS, LO YIGMOR B'TZAROS - that is, if the first Chalitzah was performed with one of the sisters (e.g. Le'ah), Chalitzah with one Tzarah (the Tzarah of Rachel) will suffice and the second Tzarah does not need Chalitzah or Yibum.

*3*) [line 32] TANYA KAVASEI D'RAV ASHI - (Although the Beraisa uses the same terminology as Shmuel, the Gemara assumes that it cannot mean what we previously asserted that Shmuel meant. Shmuel's might have chosen a slightly ambiguous terminology in order to use a single set of words to describe the Halachah in three different cases (Chalatz la'Achayos; Chalatz l'Ba'alas ha'Get, and Chalatz l'Ba'alas ha'Ma'amar). The Beraisa, however, which discusses only the former of the three, should have chosen a more accurate terminology -- TOSFOS).


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