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Yevamos 19

*1*) [line 17] KODEMES L'NISU'IN - that is, it preceded the *Yibum*

2) [line 33] EFSHAR L'TZAMTZEM- it is possible for natural (i.e., not intentionally planned) events to occur simultaneously, i.e. it is possible that both brothers died simultaneously making their wives fall to Yibum at exactly the same time.


*3*) [line 1] BI'ASAH O CHALITZASAH SHEL ACHAS MEHEM POTERES TZARASAH - that is, the Yibum or Chalitzah of Shimon's wife (the wife of the second brother to die) exempts the wife of Reuven (with whom Shimon performed Ma'amar) from Yibum or Chalitzah. (But the [Yibum or] Chalitzah of the wife of Reuven does not exempt Shimon's wife from Yibum or Chalitzah.)

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