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Yevamos 15

1) [line 2] SHE'NITREFAH HA'SHA'AH - the situation during that period of time was much too troubled (e.g. political persecution prevailing or some other hindrance)

2) [line 9] MIM'ASEI A'GAVRAIHU - they become loathsome to their husbands
3) [line 11] TA'EVNI - I desire, I wish
4) [line 31] MA'AZIVAH - a mixture of mud and sand or stone chips, etc., that covers a ceiling. Enough of an opening was made to provide at least the minimum Shi'ur of a Sukah (7x7 Tefachim)

5) [line 33] L'APUSHEI AVIR KA'AVID - he did it to increase the amount of air that is let into the house

6) [line 34] SHOKES YEHU - a hollowed-out stone trough located in Yerushalayim that collected the water that ran down from the mountains through a gutter. It did not have the required capacity of 40 Se'ah of water to serve as a Mikvah, but a Kosher Mikvah was situated alongside of it, and the two were attached (RASHI, see BARTENURA Mikva'os 4:5)

7a) [line 38] EIRUV MIKVA'OS - a mixing of the waters of two Mikva'os to combine them through a hole located between them (a) to give the proper Shi'ur of 40 Se'ah to the one that lacks the proper Shi'ur, rendering it Kosher (RASHI); or (b) to give the proper Shi'ur to two Mikva'os that themselves lack the proper Shi'ur (RITVA)
b) [line 38] KI'SHEFOFERES HA'NOD - the size of the diameter of a hollow reed (two Etzba'os - fingerbreadths) that is placed in the opening of a leather bottle

8) [line 39] B'OVYAH UV'CHALALAH - like [the diameter of a reed, measuring from one surface to the opposite surface, which is equal to the sum of two times] the thickness of the wall of the reed plus the diameter of the hollow space within the reed (TIE'ERES YISRAEL Mikva'os 6:7:49)

9a) [line 39] KI'SHTEI ETZBA'OS - (a) the width of the index finger and the middle finger (the two fingers that are next to the thumb) (RAMBAM, BARTENURA); (b) the width of two index fingers (BEIS YOSEF Yoreh Deah 201:40 DH u'Mah she'Kasav ube'Tzedadin based on the RASH and the ROSH)
b) [last line] CHOZROS LI'MEKOMAN - that can turn around easily in the diameter of the hole


10) [line 3] REBBI YOCHANAN HA'CHORANI (alt. HA'CHAVRANI) - Rebbi Yochanan from Choran (or Choron); alt. from Chavran, also known as Auran, the region around one of the mountains where a signal fire was lit to proclaim Beis Din's declaration of the new month (Rosh ha'Shanah 22b), located in the country east of the Jordan River named Auranitis

11) [line 4] PAS CHAREIVAH - dry bread
12) [line 4] SHENEI BATZORES - years of famine due to a small amount of rainfall, when some of the people are satiated and others are hungry (Avos 5:8)

13) [line 9] SHE'SASMUHA SHEMARIM - that was sealed by the lees
14) [line 10] ZEISIM MEGULGALIM - (a) olives that have been packed tightly into a barrel in order to soften them a little, so that they will be edible (RASHI); (b) olives that have been pickled with salt in order to remove their bitterness (BARTENURA Eduyos 4:6)

15) [line 13] SHE'TALMID SHAMAI HAYAH - (a) Rebbi Tzadok (TOSFOS, TOSFOS HA'ROSH); (b) Rebbi Yochanan ha'Chavrani (RIVAN)

16) [line 22] YARUTZU GALGALTI - they will smash my skull
*17*) [line 38] NAFKA MINAH L'MIFSHAT VELAD MACHZIR GERUSHASO - (The Gemara means that the question was whether children born from relations prohibited by a Lav are "Pagum" or not. Machzir Gerushaso is just one example of relations prohibited with a Lav; another example would be a Yevamah who has relations with others before her Yibum or Chalitzah. TOSFOS DH l'Mai)

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