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Yevamos 10

YEVAMOS 10 (Chanukah) - has been sponsored through the donation of Alex and Helen Gross of Rechavya, Jerusalem; may the light of the Torah always light their home and the homes of their descendants!

1) [line 4] IS LEI L'REBBI HANEI KELALEI - Rebbi sides with the two rules stated by Rebbi Chiya, that all of the 15 women of the Mishnah may fit into the criteria of "Sisters who are sisters-in-law where one sister is permitted to undergo Yibum or Chalitzah with one brother but not the other brother, and the other sister is permitted to undergo Yibum or Chalitzah with the latter brother but not the former."

2) [line 24] "D'IY," LO KETANI - (lit. [cases of] "What if..." are not taught [in our Mishnah]) our Mishnah is not discussing contingent, forbidden situations

3) [line 30] BADKAH LEVI B'MASNISEI - Levi edited his Mishnah [and added the following]


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