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Yevamos 6

YEVAMOS 6, 7, 8, 9 (Chanukah) - dedicated by Uri Wolfson and Naftali Wilk in honor of Rav Mordechai Rabin of Har Nof, a true beacon of Torah and Chesed.

1) [line 1] LAV D'MECHAMER
It is forbidden to lead a laden animal on Shabbos, even by calling to it, as it states, "Lema'an Yanu'ach Shorcha va'Chamorecha" - "so that your ox and your donkey may rest" (Shemos 23:12), "v'Chol Behemtecha" - "and all of your animals" (Devarim 5:14). One who does so transgresses a negative prohibition, but is not liable to Kares or Skeliah. (RAMBAM Hilchos Shabbos 20:1-2, 6).

2) [line 9] HECHSHER MITZVAH - (a) he *can only carry out the Mitzvah* [of Kibud Av of slaughtering or cooking, when he is transgressing Shabbos] (RASHI); (b) he is only *preparing to do the Mitzvah* [of Kibud Av when he is transgressing Shabbos by leading a laden donkey, and that is why Kibud Av v'Em is not Docheh the Lo Sa'aseh of Shabbos] (TOSFOS)

(a) There is a Mitzvas Aseh to build a building for the sake of our Creator, where we offer our sacrifices to Him and where we make pilgrimage on the Shalosh Regalim of Pesach, Shavu'os and Sukos. This is learned from the verse, "v'Asu Li Mikdash" - "and they shall make for Me a Holy Place" (Shemos 25:8). This Mitzvah also includes making all the utensils necessary for the Beis ha'Mikdash. (b) This Mitzvah applies when most of Benei Yisrael live in Eretz Yisrael and applies to the community, both men and women, but not to the individual (SEFER HA'CHINUCH #95).

4) [line 13] BONEH - building; constructing or improving a structure
5) [line 13] SOSER - demolishing, destroying a structure to enable new construction


6) [line 5] PUNDASO - a cloth money belt
7) [line 6] KAPANDARYA - a shortcut
8) [line 7] REKIKAH - spitting
9) [line 11] HAV'ARAH - kindling a fire

10) [line 14] HAV'ARAH L'LAV YATZAS
Rebbi Yosi rules that the Melachah of kindling was singled out in the Torah to teach that transgressing it involves only a Lav (and is not punishable with Sekilah, but with Malkos).

11) [line 15] L'CHALEK
Rebbi Nasan rules that the Melachah of kindling was singled out in the Torah to teach that transgressing it (or any other Melachah) alone will require one to bring a Korban Chatas when the transgression was b'Shogeg. One does not have to transgress *all* of the Melachos in order to be obligated to bring one Korban.

12) [line 34] HAV'ARAH GEREIDASA - lighting a fire
13) [line 34] BISHUL PESILAH - cooking (i.e. melting) a bar of lead
14) [line 34] BISHUL SAMANIN - cooking various roots and plants to prepare dyes (for making the Mishkan. All forbidden Melachos of Shabbos are learned from the Melachos that were done while constructing the Mishkan.)

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