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Ta'anis 24

1) Why did Rebbi Yossi bar Avin leave Rebbi Yossi from Yukras to go and learn by Rav Ashi?


(a) What did Rebbi Yossi bar Avin ask Rav Ashi, when the latter once quoted Shmuel that if someone draws a fish out of the sea on Shabbos, the moment the size of a Sela (coin) on it dries, he becomes Chayav for killing it?

(b) Why would he not be Chayav for catching the fish?

(c) What did Rav Ashi reply to his question?

(a) What did Rebbi Yossi from Yukras' son do that displeased his father?

(b) What did he decree on him?

(c) What reason did the peeping Tom give for making a hole in Rebbi Yossi from Yukras's wall?

(d) What did Rebbi Yossi then tell his daughter? Did his curse materialize?

(a) What was special about Rebbi Yossi from Yukras' donkey?

(b) What happened once when the person who hired it forgot a pair of shoes on its back?

(a) Why did the officers of Tzedakah used to hide from Elazar Ish Birsa?

(b) What happened once when he was on his way to market to purchase his daughter's trousseau?

(c) What did he buy with his one remaining Zuz? What happened to that purchase?

(d) What did he tell his daughter when she came to the Beis Hamedrash, to inform him what 'his good Friend' had done for him?

(a) Who was Rebbi Yehudah Nesi'ah?

(b) What did he lament when he decreed a fast and nothing happened? When did the rain come?

(a) When the Prince decreed a fast without having informed Rebbi Yochanan and Resh Lakish, the latter thought that, seeing as they had not accepted the fast at the previous Minchah, they were not obligated to fast.
What did Rebbi Yochanan say to him?

(b) Based on the Pasuk in Sh'lach Lecha "ve'Hayah Im me'Einei ha'Eidah Ne'es'sah li'Shegagah", what did the younger Rebbi Oshaya say that brought on the ire of the Prince's servants?

(c) What did the people say to them in his defense, when the servants began throwing things at him?

(d) When Rebbi decreed a fast, no rain came. The moment Ilfa (or Rebbi Ilfi) said 'Mashiv ha'Ru'ach', it clouded over, and when he said 'u'Morid ha'Gashem', it began to rain.
Why was that? What outstanding merit did Ilfa possess?

(a) The same occurred to Rav and the children's Rebbe as happened to Rebbi and Ilfa.
What two righteous acts did the children's Rebbe used to do when he learned with his young pupils?

(b) Rav Nachman too, decreed a fast and no rain came at first.
When *did* the rain come?

(c) In whose days were they more advanced in learning, in the days of Rabah or of Rav Yehudah?

(d) Then why is it that, when Rabah decreed a fast or even if he were to Daven all day, no-one would take any notice; whereas all Rav Yehudah had to do was to remove one shoe, and the rain came down in torrents? Was that because they were more righteous then?

Answers to questions



(a) Which Masechta did Rav Yehudah find particularly difficult? How many Yeshivos studied that Masechta in Rabah's time?

(b) Considering that normally, the 'handle' of a food transmits Tum'ah to the food, why is it that the 'handles' of dried vegetables and the leaves of dried olives, do not?

(a) What did Rav Yehudah do when he saw two men throwing bread to each other?

(b) How did the Rabbanan, using his Shamash, get him to reverse the situation?

(c) No sooner had his Shamash removed one shoe, than it began to rain.
What happened as he was about to remove the other shoe?

(a) What did Rav Mari, the son of Shmuel's daughter, see angels (disguised as sailors) doing on that occasion? Why did Rav Yehudah advise the people not to purchase that flour from them?

(b) How did they then manage to survive the hunger?

(c) Rava too, decreed a fast in Hagrunya, and no rain came. After extending the fast overnight, he asked whether anyone had a dream that night.
What dream had Rebbi Elazar from Hagrunya dreamt that comprised four times 'Tav'?

(d) How did Rava react to that dream?

(a) Why did Shavur Malka (King of Persia) want to punish Rava?

(b) How did Ifra Hurmiz, his mother, stop him from actually doing so?

(c) To prove her point, she sent Rava a message that he should pray for rain. At first, Rava prayers went unheeded.
What did he say, based on a Pasuk in Tehilim, that caused his Tefilos to be answered, and bucketsful of rain fell in the middle of summer?

(d) Nevertheless, Rava was placed in Cherem for troubling Hashem to change the laws of nature.
How did his father (who was no longer alive) save him from the wrath of the demons?

13) When Rav Papa decreed a fast, no rain came initially. Feeling faint, he tasted a ladle of porridge before proceeding to Daven.
When did the rain come?


(a) What did Rebbi Chanina ben Dosa ask when ...
  1. ... the rain came and disturbed his travels?
  2. ... he arrived home?
(b) What did Rav Yosef say about Rebbi Chanina ben Dosa and the Kohen Gadol's Tefilah?

(c) The Kohen Gadol Davened a short Tefilah in the Kodesh Kodshim on Yom Kipur. What ...

  1. ... does 'Geshumah u'Shechunah' mean?
  2. ... two extra pieces does Rav Acha Brei de'Rava in the name of Rav Yehudah add?
(d) What did a Heavenly Voice announce every day in the life-time of Rebbi Chanina ben Dosa?
Answers to questions

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