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Ta'anis 9

TA'ANIS 9 (4 Elul) - has been dedicated in honor of the Yarzeit of Chaim Yissachar (ben Yaakov) Smulewitz by his daughter and son in law, Jeri & Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel


(a) How did Rebbi Yochanan explain the Pasuk in Re'ei "Aser Te'aser"?

(b) When Rebbi Yochanan told Resh Lakish's son to test Hashem and see whether He will not repay the Tzedakah that he gives, what was his response?

(c) What did Rebbi Yochanan reply, quoting the Pasuk in Mal'achi ...

  1. ... "Ha'vi'u es Kol ha'Ma'aser el Beis ha'Otzar ... u'Vechanuni Na ba'Zos ... "?
  2. ... "va'Harikosi Lachem Berachah *Ad B'li Dai*"?
(d) What was the child's reaction to Rebbi Yochanan's answer?
(a) On another occasion, Rebbi Yochanan found the same child quoting the Pasuk in Mishlei "Aveles Adam Tesalef Darko, ve'El Hashem Yiz'af Libo".
What does that mean?

(b) What did the child answer when Rebbi Yochanan asked him how it is possible for a Pasuk in Tenach to teach us something that is not even hinted in the Chumash?

(c) Why did the child's mother quickly come and take him away?

(a) What did Rebbi Yochanan learn from the Pasuk ...
  1. ... "Yiftach Hashem *Lecha* es Otzaro ha'Tov" (Ki Savo)?
  2. ... "Hineni Mamtir *Lachem* Lechem min ha'Shamayim"?
(b) Who were the three 'good sustainers' of Yisrael? What did they provide K'lal Yisrael with?

(c) What is the meaning of the Pasuk in Chukas "va'Yir'u Kol ha'Eidah Ki Gava Aharon"? How should it read?

(a) Seeing as Yisrael no longer had the Z'chus of ...
  1. ... Miriam on which to depend, what happened to the Well, when she died?
  2. ... Aharon on which to depend, what happened to both the well and the Clouds when Aharon died?
(b) How can the Pasuk in Zecharyah refer to the death of the three sustainers in one month, when Miriam died in Nisan, Aharon in Av and Moshe in Adar?

(c) How will we reconcile the fact that the source of Yisrael's sustenance came through the merit of Moshe alone, with Rebbi Yochanan's statement (in 3a. 2.) that sustenance only comes for a community [or on their merit])?

(a) What happened to the three disciples of Rava, when their Rebbe died? With whom did they go to learn?

(b) What did Rav Papa dream about them, after they began to make his life a misery with their questions (in the course of his Shiur)?

(c) What did he wish them when they took leave from him?

(d) What did ...

  1. ... Rav Papa do when Rav Shimi bar Ashi pestered him with questions?
  2. ... Rav Shimi bar Ashi do when he saw him doing it?
Answers to questions



(a) Resh Lakish also learns (like Rebbi Yochanan) that Hashem sends rain even for one individual, but from the Pasuk in Zecharyah "Geshem Yitein Lahem, *le'Ish*, Eisev ba'Sadeh".
What does he learn from ...
  1. ... "ba'Sadeh"?
  2. ... "Eisev"?
(b) What did Rav Daniel bar Katina used to do? And what used to happen then?

(c) In the same Pasuk in Zecharyah, the Navi writes "Hashem Oseh Chazizim". What does that mean? What are Chazizim?

(a) 'Nehila' can come before the rain or after it.
What is 'Nehila'?

(b) What is Nehila a sign of ...

  1. ... before the rain?
  2. ... after the rain?
(c) Nehila before the rain is like a 'Mahulta', after the rain, it is like 'Charya de'Izi'.
What is ...
  1. ... a 'Mahulta'?
  2. ... Charya de'Izi'?
(a) What did Ula comment when, after seeing the rain-clouds, and warning the people to take their vessels into the house, no rain came?

(b) What did he comment when he saw that, in Bavel, one could obtain a basketful of dates for a Zuz?

(c) Why did he soon change his mind? What comment did he make then?

(a) What does ...
  1. ... Rebbi Eliezer learn from the Pasuk in Bereishis "ve'Eid Ya'aleh *min ha'Aretz* ve'Hishkah es Kol P'nei ha'Adamah"?
  2. ... Rebbi Yehoshua learn from the Pasuk in Eikev "li'M'tar ha'Shamayim Tishteh Mayim"?
(b) How does Rebbi Eliezer explain the fact that rain-water is sweet, whereas sea-water is salty (and in any event, the crops will not grow from salty water)?

(c) How does Rebbi Yehoshua explain the Pasuk "ve'Eid Ya'aleh *min ha'Aretz* ve'Hishkah es Kol P'nei ha'Adamah"?

(a) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Shmuel "*Chashras* Mayim Abei Shechakim" (see Agados Maharsha)?

(b) How much space is there between one rain-drop and the next?

(c) Rebbi Yochanan explains that "me'Aliyosav"( in the Pasuk in Tehilim "Mashkeh Harim me'Aliyosav") refers to the attics of Hashem, from where the rain comes.
How would we otherwise have explained it?

(d) How do we reconcile Rebbi Yochanan's explanation with Rebbi Eliezer? How do we even prove this explanation from the Pasuk in Ki Savo "Avak ve'Afar, min ha'Shamayim ... "?

(a) How does Rebbi Chanina explain the Pasuk in Tehilim "Ko'nes ka'Neid Mei ha'Yam, Nosein be'Otzros Tehomos" (to conform with Rebbi Eliezer)?

(b) How will Rebbi Yehoshua explain it?

Answers to questions

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