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Sukah 56

SUKA 36-56 (End of Maseches) have been dedicated by the wife and daughters of the late Dr. Simcha Bekelnitzky (Simcha Gedalya ben Shraga Feibush) of Queens N.Y. Well known in the community for his Chesed and Tzedakah, he will long be remembered.


QUESTION: The Gemara derives from verses that the Korbanos of the festivals and the Lechem ha'Panim of the Shabbos that coincides with a festival are distributed among all of the Mishmaros of Kohanim. Similarly, when a festival comes either immediately before or immediately after Shabbos, the Korbanos and the Lechem ha'Panim are distributed among all of the Mishmaros. Even though Shabbos is not their turn of duty, the Torah gives them a portion of everything, since they came for the sake of the festival.

We find (Chagigah 17a) that the Torah permits the Korbanos of Shavuos (the Korban Chagigah and the Korban Re'iyah) to be brought during the six days (days of "Tashlumin") immediately following the Yom Tov of Shavuos if one was unable to bring them on Yom Tov. In a sense, these days are like the days of Chol ha'Mo'ed of Pesach and Sukos, during which the Korbanos of the Regel (Olas Re'iyah, Korban Chagigah) may still be brought.

When the Korbanos of Shavuos are brought during the six days after the Yom Tov, do all of the Mishmaros share them? On the one hand, those Korbanos are definitely being brought because of the festival. On the other hand, it is not Yom Tov (and there is no reason for the Mishmaros to be in the Mikdash at this time). Will those Korbanos be distributed among all of the Mishmaros of Kohanim? (ARUCH LA'NER 55b)


(a) The ARUCH LA'NER infers from the wording of the RAMBAM (Hilchos Temidim u'Musafim 4:13) that the days of Tashlumin of Shavuos are *not* like the festival itself, and thus the Mishmaros do not divide the Korbanos of the festival brought during those days. The Rambam writes that if Shavuos fell on a Thursday, then on the following Shabbos, the Mishmar of that week receives the Lechem ha'Panim (10 out of the 12 Chalos). Obviously, the Rambam learns that the days of Tashlumin of Shavuos are not considered days of the festival, because if they were, then all of the Mishmaros should share the Lechem ha'Panim.

However, the Yerushalmi (Chagigah 2:4, also cited by the Mishneh l'Melech in Hilchos Klei ha'Mikdash 4:5) cites an argument between Rebbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish, who argue over who receives the hides of the Korbanos brought on the "Yom Tevo'ach" which follows Shavuos when Shavuos is a Shabbos. ("Yom Tevo'ach" refers to the Sunday following Shavuos when it falls on Shabbos. Since the Korbanos of Shavuos cannot be brought on Shabbos, all the Korbanos of the festival are instead brought on the first day after Shavuos on which they can be brought, Sunday.) Rebbi Yochanan says that the Korbanos are split among all the Mishmaros, while Reish Lakish says that only the Mishmar of that week gets them. The Halachah normally follows Rebbi Yochanan's ruling when he argues with Reish Lakish. Why, then, does the Rambam imply that they are *not* distributed to all the Kohanim, like Reish Lakish?

The Aruch la'Ner suggests that the Machlokes in the Yerushalmi applies only to the "Yom Tevo'ach," and not to all of the days of Tashlumin. The Rambam would agree that on the "Yom Tevo'ach," everyone receives a share of the Korbanos. (However, the Yerushalmi seems to connect Rebbi Yochanan's opinion that all of the Mishmaros receive a share of the Korbanos on the "Yom Tevo'ach" to his statement that Shavuos has Tashlumin for six days after Yom Tov.)

(b) RASHI seems to argue with the Rambam and rules like the Yerushalmi, that the days of Tashlumin of Shavuos are considered like the festival with regard to distributing the Korbanos among all of the Mishmaros.

Rashi (DH Bein Milfaneha) explains that when the Mishnah says that when Shabbos immediately follows Yom Tov the Korbanos are distributed among all of the Mishmaros, it is referring to the Shabbos that immediately follows *Shemini Atzeres*. The TOSFOS YOM TOV asks why Rashi explains the Mishnah as specifically referring to Sukos, when it seems to apply to all of the Regalim, like the previous Mishnah?

The answer might be that if the Mishnah was discussing all of the festivals (like the previous statement in the Mishnah), including Shavuos, then that would pose a problem. Why does the Mishnah say that when Shabbos is the day after the festival the Korbanos are split equally? This implies that if Shabbos is two days after the festival, then they do not split it equally, but they go to the Mishmar of that week. Why would they not split the Korbanos equally? Since it is still within the six days after Shavuos, the days are considered like Shavuos itself and the Korbanos should be given out equally, like the Yerushalmi concluded according to Rebbi Yochanan! It must be that this statement of the Mishnah is referring back to the festival of Sukos (i.e. the topic of the rest of the Maseches), and it is not a continuation of the previous Mishnah, which relates to all of the festivals. (M. Kornfeld)



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