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Sukah 28

1) [line 9] HIZKAKTUNI - (a) you have forced me [to reveal something that my teachers did not say explicitly] (i.e. the high standards by which I live) (RASHI); (b) are you trying to force me [to say something that my teachers did not teach me explicitly?] (MAHARSHA)

2) [line 18] YOSHEV V'DOMEM - sitting and keeping silent (without learning out loud)

3a) [line 26] DIKDUKEI TORAH - letters in the Torah that appear to be unnecessary from which Halachos are meant to be learned
b) [line 26] DIKDUKEI SOFRIM - decrees enacted by the Rabbis of the generations to keep the people far away from sin

4) [line 27] TEKUFOS - the calculations for the orbits of the sun and the moon
5a) [line 27] SICHAS MAL'ACHEI HA'SHARES - to make the Heavenly Angels promise to help a person (MAHARSHAL)
b) [line 27] SICHAS SHEDIM - to make the Demons promise to help a person (MAHARSHAL)
c) [line 28] SICHAS DEKALIM - (lit. the language, conversation of the date palms) a method for revealing secrets and wonders based upon the movements of the branches and leaves of date palms (see Aruch Erech Sach #1)

6a) [line 28] MISHLOS KOVSIN - parables using washermen
b) [line 28] MISHLOS SHU'ALIM - parables using foxes

7) [line 29] MA'ASEH MERKAVAH - (a) metaphysics (RAMBAM, Hilchos Yesodei ha'Torah 2:11, 4:13), (b) the workings of the Divine Chariot (RITVA)

8) [line 29] HAVAYOS D'ABAYE V'RAVA - the details of all of the Halachic discussions between the latest Amora'im, such as Abaye and Rava

*9*) [line 32] KOL OF SHE'PORE'ACH ALAV, MIYAD NISRAF - any bird flying above his head would become consumed by fire (a) due to the fiery angels ("Ishim") that gathered around him to hear him learn Torah (RASHI); (b) due to the fire of the Shechinah (Holy Presence) that rested upon him when he learned Torah, just as it rested upon Mount Sinai in the form of a fire (RABEINU CHANANEL, TOSFOS); (c) this is a metaphor meaning that any unsound reasoning that was presented to him would be immediately revealed as such. (SEFER YUCHASIN, in his introduction)

10) [line 40] "EZRACH," ZEH EZRACH - had the verse stated only the word "Ezrach," it would refer to all of the people, men and women alike


11) [line 22] SHE'NIFNEH V'EIN IMO MEKANCHASO - who does not need his mother to wipe him after he goes to the bathroom

12) [line 31] MISHE'TISRACH HA'MIKPEH - when the rain ruins food such as porridge that is neither solid nor liquid

13a) [line 34] KITON - a pitcher
b) [line 34] AL PANAV - (a) in the face of the servant; (b) on its (the pitcher's) face, i.e. he (the master) spilled its contents on the ground

14) [line 36] MATZA'OS - fine dining couches
15) [line 37] METAYEIL - to stroll, take a pleasure walk
16) [line 42] MESHANEN - to explain the Mishnayos and understand the reasons behind their Halachos

17) [line 43] MIKRA U'MASNA - to recite verses of the Tanach and the Mishnayos
18) [line 43] METALALTA - the Sukah
19) [line 43] TANUY - to delve deeply into the logic and reasoning of the Mishnayos, which is the essence of the Gemara

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