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Sukah 27

SUKAH 26 & 27 (Iyar 11 & 12) have been dedicated by an anonymous talmid chacham to the memory of his mother, Sarah Dvosya bas Rav Mordechai of Milwaukee (Yahrzeit: 11 Iyar)

1) [line 14] "ME'UVAS LO YUCHAL LISKON; V'CHESRON LO YUCHAL L'HIMANOS" - "A twisted thing cannot be made straight; and that which is missing can not be counted" (Koheles 1:15)

2) [line 31] RIFTA - bread
3) [line 32] MINEI TARGIMA - (a) treats, dessert (dried or cooked fruits, etc.) (RASHI); (b) cheese, fish or meat (TOSFOS, ROSH)

4) [line 34] APOTROPOS - (O.F. seneschal) steward, manager of the household
5) [line 34] AGRIPAS HA'MELECH - King Agrippa (the last king of Israel), grandson of King Herod, who ruled between the years 41-44 CE. Agrippa was a pious and benevolent king

6) [line 37] ATAH MAMSHICH KAMAH PARPERA'OS - you add many appetizing dishes in order to prolong your meal


7) [line 30] LOD - a city in central Israel; the city of Rebbi Eliezer
8) [line 31] SHOVSEI HA'REGEL - those who stay and rejoice in their houses (or Sukos) during the festival

9) [line 35] "VA'YOMER, MADU'A AT HOLECHES EILAV HA'YOM, LO CHODESH V'LO SHABBOS?" - "And he said [to his wife, the Shunamis], 'Why are you going to him (Elisha) today? It is not Rosh Chodesh and not Shabbos?'" (Melachim II 4:23) - Elisha had promised his hosts from Shunem that they would be blessed with a child becuase of their hospitality. After a number of years the child died from sunstroke. The mother closed the door to the room where the child lay, and went to Elisha who brought him back to life through his prayers. Her husband, who did not know that the child had died, asked her why she was going to Elisha?

10) [line 40] GALIL HA'ELYON - the upper Galilee
11a) [line 41] KISREI - Caesarea, name of a port city founded by the Herod, located between Tel Aviv and Haifa
b) [line 41] KEISARIYON - the district of Caesarea (Phillipi), in northern Israel, the modern-day Banias

12) [line 46] HIFSHIL REBBI ELIEZER TALISO LA'ACHORAV - Rebbi Eliezer gathered up his cloak and threw it over his back

13) [line 47] LO MIPNEI SHE'HIFLIGO BI'DEVARIM - [the reason he changed the subject was] not because he desired to divert his (Rebbi Yochanan's) attention with words [out of ignorance of the answer]

14) [line 49] SHABBOS HAVA'I - it was Shabbos (and not Yom Tov)
15) [line 50] PEKAK HE'CHALON - (a) a board used to seal a skylight (RASHI Shabbos 137b); (b) a board used to seal windows; a shutter (TOSFOS ibid. 125b DH ha'Kol)

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