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Sukah 26

SUKAH 26 & 27 (Iyar 11 & 12) have been dedicated by an anonymous talmid chacham to the memory of his mother, Sarah Dvosya bas Rav Mordechai of Milwaukee (Yahrzeit: 11 Iyar)

1a) [line 4] TAGAREIHEN - their dealers who buy directly from the scribes, wholesalers
b) [line 4] TAGAREI TAGAREIHEN - their dealers who sell to the people, retailers
2) [line 17] HAVU GANU A'RAKSA D'SURA - they would sleep on the river bank of Sura
3) [line 23] PARDEISIM - orchards
4) [line 27] KARYA D'FEIREI - a pile of grain
5) [line 31] KEISARI - Caeseria, a port city built by Herod, located between Tel Aviv and Haifa

6) [line 33] L'MAGNA B'CHILSA - to sleep in a bed covered with a canopy
7) [line 34] BAKEI - (O.F. cinceles) mosquitoes
8) [line 35] BAR MI'METALALTA - outside of the Sukah
9) [line 36] SIRCHA D'GARGISHTA - the odor of a certain type of clay that was spread on the floor of that Sukah

10) [line 43] BEI'EI - eggs
11) [line 45] BAR BEI RAV - a Yeshiva student
12) [line 45] KALAH - the assembly of Babylonian students in the months of Adar and Elul
13) [line 47] SHINAS ARA'I - a short nap, not in a bed
b) [line 50] SHINAS KEVA - sleeping longer than just a nap, usually in a bed
14) [line 48] SHEMA YERADEM - lest he sleep a Shinas Keva
15) [line 51] MOSER SHINASO L'ACHERIM - he tells someone to make sure that he does not doze too long

16) [line 52] ARVACH, ARVA TZARICH - your guarantor needs a guarantor; the person on whom you are relying to wake you, might himself fall asleep

17) [line 55] PARIS SUDRA ALAVEI - [he placed them near his head and] he spread a scarf over them


18) [line 1] KETZITZAH - the leather Bayis (box) of the Tefilin
19) [line 6] SHITIN NISHMEI - (lit. sixty breaths) (O.F. aleines - breaths) slightly more than half-an hour; alternatively, slightly more than three minutes (BI'UR HALACHAH 4:16 DH David)

20) [line 9] KEDEME'AYEIL MI'PUMBEDISA L'VEI KUVEI - like the time it takes to walk from Pumbedisa to Bei Kuvei, which was six Parsa'os, which would take 7 hours and 12 minutes. Many Acharonim (Rav Chanina Lipa Meizeles, Aruch l'Ner, Maharatz Chiyos et.al.) ask that this is an inordinate amount of time for a Torah scholar like Abaye to sleep during the day. This Dibur ha'Maschil may be the result of a printer's error; it does not appear in the manuscripts (Dikdukei Sofrim #90)

21) [line 20] SHE'HA'YADAYIM ASKANIYOS HEM - the hands are busy; they constantly touch things without intent

22) [line 22] KOSAVOS - dates
23) [line 28] YUHARA - haughtiness

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