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Sukah 21

SUKAH 21-25 - my brother Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored one month of Dafyomi publications for the benefit of Klal Yisrael

1a) [line 7] AL GABEI HA'SELA - on a stone platform
b) [line 7] V'SACHTEIHEM CHALAL - underneath which was a hollow space [that was at least a Tefach high]

2) [line 8] MIPNEI KEVER HA'TEHOM - (lit. because of a "grave of the depth") because of the possibility of hidden Tum'ah about which no one knows, such as an undiscovered corpse that was lying beneath a road

3) [line 12] SHILO'ACH - the Shilo'ach spring (also known as Gichon) that is located to the south of the Temple Mount from which the water for the Nisuch ha'Mayim on Sukos was drawn. Our Gemara describes the process by which water was obtained for the seven days in which Mei Chatas was sprinkled on the Kohen who was to burn a Parah Adumah

4) [line 14] MESHALSHEL - lower [with a string]
5) [line 19] KI'MELO EGROF - the size of a fist (the fist of Ben Avati'ach, a large person, whose fist was as wide as a large human head -- Bechoros 37b)

6a) [line 20] SHEKIFIN - clefts formed when rocks are broken off by the wind
b) [line 20] NEKEIKEI HA'SELA'IM - crevices formed when rocks split apart
7) [line 25] SHE'DA'ATO SHEL TINOK GASAH ALAV - the child feels secure


8) [line 18] "OR U'VASAR TALBISHEINI; UVA'ATZAMOS V'GIDIM TESOCHECHENI" - "You clothed me with skin and flesh and you covered me with bones and sinews" (Iyov 10:11)

9) [line 36] "[V'HAYAH K'ETZ SHASUL AL PALGEI MAYIM, ASHER PIRYO YITEN B'ITO,] V'ALEIHU LO YIBOL." - "[He shall be like a tree planted by streams of water that yields it fruit in the due season,] its leaf also shall not whither." (Tehilim 1:3) - This verse refers to the person who learns Torah day and night, mentioned in the previous verse, "whose leaf shall not whither." The leaf is the least prominent part of a tree, which teaches us that we can even learn from the mundane speech of a Torah scholar.

10) [line 37] KAR'EI HA'MITAH - the legs or supports of a bed; boards at the ends and sides of a bed that rise ten Tefachim above the bed

11) [line 47] AVAL SIKECH AL GAV HA'MITAH, KESHEIRAH - (a) but if he placed the Sechach over the bed, using the sides of the bed as walls of the Sukah but not as the supports for the Sechach (the Sechach is instead supported by poles), the Sukah is Kosher (RASHI); (b) but if he placed the Sechach over the bed, supporting it on poles *fixed at each corner of the bed*, the Sukah is Kosher (RAN)

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