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Sukah 11

*1*) [line 12] L'GABEI KINOFOS LO KEVI'I - compared to a Kinof, the Naklitim were not considered to be "permanent" (since the Kinof had a Tefach wide roof).

2) [line 24] HIDLAH ALEHA - (O.F. treillier) if he lifted up [grapevines] onto the Sukah

3) [line 24] DELA'AS - [the vine of] a gourd
4) [line 25] KISOS - (O.F. iedre) a thick ivy with tree-like roots (such as kudzu)
5) [line 31] L'NA'ANE'A - to move them slightly [off the Sukah and then put them back]

6) [line 32] AHADRINHU RAV YOSEF L'APEI - Rav Yosef turned his face away [from Rav Huna (in anger)]

7) [line 37] RAMA TECHELTA L'PARZUMA D'INSHEI BEISEI - placed Tzitzis on the cloak of his wife

8) [line 38] V'LO PASAK ROSHEI CHUTIN SHELAHEN - and did not cut the ends of the strings; i.e. he took one string that was folded into four, inserted it into the hole at the corner, and then tied it without cutting the ends


9) [line 1] B'SHE'AS PESIL - at the time that he inserts the strings into the hole
10) [line 11] TA'ASEH V'LO MIN HE'ASUY - See Insights
11) [line 18] D'SHALFINHU SHELUFEI - (a) completely separated from the tree (RASHI); (b) severed from the tree but still attached by the bark (TOSFOS); (c) uprooted and left in the same place on the ground (RASHASH)

12) [line 23] LULAV TZARICH EGED
(a) There is a Mitzvah to take four species on Sukos, as it states in the Torah (Vayikra 23:40). The four species are the Pri Etz Hadar (Esrog, citron), Kapos Temarim (Lulav, closed palm branch), Anaf Etz Avos (three Hadasim, myrtle branches) and Arvei Nachal (two Aravos, willow branches).
(b) According to Rebbi Yehudah, three of the species (the Lulav, Hadasim and Aravos) must be tied together in an Eged (a bunch). He learns this Halachah through a Gezerah Shavah between the verse of the four species and the verse of the Agudas Ezov (see next entry), using the word "u'Lekachtem" as the linking word.

13) [line 40] AGUDAS EZOV The blood of the Korban Pesach that was slaughtered in Egypt was sprinkled on the lintel and the door-posts of the Jewish homes with a bundle of Ezov (hyssop), as mentioned in Shemos 12:22.

14) [line 46] "V'ED YA'ALEH MIN HA'ARETZ; V'HISHKAH ES KOL PENEI HA'ADAMAH." - "A misty cloud ascended from the ground and watered the whole surface of the earth." (Bereishis 2:6)

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