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Sukah 10

SUKAH 10 (25 Nisan) - dedicated by Sandy and Les Wiesel in memory of Les's father, Menachem Yehuda ben Avigdor Yosef Wiesel, who perished in the Holocaust.

1) [line 27] HA'NESHER - the falling leaves and twigs
2) [line 28] PIRES AL GABEI HA'KINOF - if someone spread [a sheet] on a framework of poles called a Kinof, which is made by putting one tall vertical pole at each of the four corners of a bed. Two horizontal poles are placed on top of the vertical poles at each side of the bed; the sheet thus forms a flat roof

3) [line 28] NAKLITEI HA'MITAH - a framework of poles made by putting two tall vertical poles at the center of the head and foot of a bed, while a third horizontal pole rests on top of them. The sheet hung on the horizontal pole thus forms two sloping walls that are joined at the top

4) [line 29] L'NA'OSAH - to beautify it
5) [line 31] ITRAH - if he decorated it
6) [line 32] KERAMIM - (O.F. ovrez) material adorned with colorful needlework
7) [line 32] AFARSEKIN - (O.F. persches?) peaches (RASHI Shabbos 22a);
(According to Y. Feliks, Plant World of the Bible, Ramat Gan 1968, the correct Girsa should be APASTEKIN, which are a type of nut, such as the Pistachio. Since peaches are a summer fruit, they are not available on Sukos.)

8) [line 32] PARCHILEI ANAVIM - branches laden with clusters of grapes
9) [last line] ATAROS SHEL SHIBOLIN - wreaths made of stalks of grain


10) [line 5] ITMISHA LEI KETONTA B'MAYA - his cloak became soaked in water
11) [line 5] (V'ASHTATCHA) [V'ASHTECHA] A'METALELTA - and he spread it on top of the Sukah

12) [line 6] DALYEI - lift it off
13) [line 9] HA'MUFLAGIM MIMENAH ARBA'AH - that are [hanging] lower than four Tefachim away from the Sechach

14) [line 12] AGNINHU - [Rav Nachman] gave them a place to sleep
15) [line 15] HADUR BEHU RABANAN ME'SHEMA'ATAIHU - have the Rabanan (you, i.e. Rav Chisda and Rabah bar Rav Huna) rescinded their ruling (that such a Sukah is Pasul)?

16) [line 17] KILAH - a bed that is covered by a canopy
*17*) [line 29] SHA'ANI KINOFOS D'KEVI'I - The Kinofos are more permanent than a Kilah. (The Naklitim are also more permanent than a Kilah, which is why there must be only two poles on the Naklitim -- and not four -- in order for them not to invalidate the Sukah - see Gemara top of 11a.)

*18*) [line 31] HASAM D'L'MIFSAL SUKAH (B'ASARAH) - that is, in the case of a Sukah on top of another Sukah, it is the fact that the upper Sukah is valid which disqualifies the bottom one. Therefore, the top Sukah must be ten Tefachim high to invalidate the bottom one. However, in the case of the Kinofos, as long as it is a "screening covering" (Ohel) one may not sit under it. Even if it is less than ten Tefachim high it is considered to be an Ohel. (See Pnei Yehoshua)

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