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Sukah 9

1a) [line 23] KOTZIN - threads (of the woof) that broke off and were tied back to the woven garment, which appear like thorns that stick out
b) [line 23] NIMIN - sewing threads which hang out after the garment is completed
c) [line 23] GARDIN - threads (fringes) which hang from the bottom of the woven garment
d) [line 24] SISIN - balls of thread (from which the woof and warp are threaded)


*2*) [line 12] HA KA MITZTAREF SECHACH PASUL BA'HADEI SECHACH KASHER - but there is invalid Sechach (the branches of a tree that are still attached) joining the valid Sechach. (That is, since there is more light coming through the branches of the *valid Sechach* than shade and only when combined with the shade of the tree above it is there more shade than light, therefore the Sukah should be invalid.)

3) [line 14] B'SHE'CHAVTAN - [the Mishnah is referring to a case] when he bent the branches down [to the Sechach atop the Sukah]

4) [line 17] HIDLAH ALEHA - he lifted and pulled up [the grapevines] onto the Sukah

5) [line 17] DELA'AS - gourd plant
6) [line 18] KISOS - a thick ivy with tree-like roots (such as kudzu)

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