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Sukah 5

SUKAH 5 - Dedicated by Martin Fogel for 20 Nisan, the Yahrzeit of his father (Yacov ben Shlomo Fogel).

1) [line 9] VEHA'KESIV "VA'YA'AL ELIYAHU ..."? L'MATAH ME'ASARAH! Isn't it written, "And Eliyahu ascended in a storm to the heavens," (which shows that it is possible for a human to enter the domain of the heavens)? The answer is that he was not actually in the heavens, but ten Tefachim away from the heavens (EIN YAKOV, CHASAM SOFER 6:98 -- see HAGAHOS MAHARSHAM)

2) [line 10] "ME'ACHEZ PENEI KISEI, PARSHEZ ALAV ANANO" - "He held on to the face of the throne, and He spread upon him His cloud" (Iyov 26:9) - The heavenly cloud protected Moshe when he "grasped" the heavenly throne.

3) [line 12] PIRES - spread
4) [line 12] MI'ZIV SHECHINASO - from the splendor of his Divine Presence
5) [line 13] ISHTARBUVEI ISHTARBEV LEI KISEI AD ASARAH - the Throne was lowered until a distance of ten Tefachim away from the heavens
b) [line 14] V'NAKAT BEI - and Moshe grasped it

6) [line 21] "V'ASISA LO MISGERES TOFACH SAVIV, V'ASISA ZER ZAHAV L'MISGARTO SAVIV" - "And you shall make for it a border of a handbreadth round about, and you shall make a crown of gold for its border round about" (Shemos 25:25)

7) [line 23] TAFASTA MERUBAH, LO TAFASTA, TAFASTA MU'AT TAFASTA - if you take hold of the larger amount you will not be able to grasp it, if you take hold of the smaller amount you will be able to grasp it; i.e. where the interpretation of a verse (referring to an unknown amount) is unclear, we assume that it is referring to the smaller quantity

8) [line 24] TZITZ - the thin gold plate on which was written "Kodesh la'Sh- m", worn on the forehead of the Kohen Gadol (Shemos 28:36-38)

9) [line 26] V'KODESH LAMED MI'LEMATAH - and the word "Kodesh" and the letter "Lamed" were written below

10) [line 28] ZER - the golden crown, which was the rim of the table
11) [line 28] HECHSHER KELI - a decorative part of a vessel
12) [line 29] L'MAN D'AMAR MISGARTO LA'MATAH HAYESAH ... - There is an argument as to the location of the Misgeres. Some say that it was on top of the table round about like the vertical ledge that is on the edge of the tables of princes (with the Zer directly on top of it). Others say that it was below the table top from leg to leg on the four sides of the table, and that the top of the table lay upon that border (accordingly, the Zer was on top of the table top).


13) [line 1] BAR YUCHNI - the name of a very large bird
14) [line 2] TZIPARTA - a (common) bird
15) [line 12] K'RAVYA - like a child

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