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Sotah 9


(a) She put mascara on her eyes - therefore, her eyes bulge out;
(b) She braided her hair - therefore, the Kohen unbraids her hair;
(c) With her finger, she beckoned for him to come - therefore, her fingernails fall off;
(d) She girded herself with a ribbon - therefore, the Kohen ties a Mitzri rope above her breasts;
(e) She stuck out her thigh for him, therefore her thigh falls off;
(f) She received him on her stomach, therefore her stomach swells;
(g) She fed him kingly delights, therefore her sacrifice is animal food;
(h) She gave him good wine to drink in elegant vessels, - therefore, the Kohen gives her bitter water to drink in a lowly earthenware vessel;
(i) She acted in private, therefore "(Hash-m) who sits in private" turned his attention to punish her.
1. "The eye of an adulterer guards the night, saying, no eye will see me".
2. Also: She acted in private, therefore Hash-m publicized about her - "One who conceals his hateful deeds in darkness, his evil is revealed in the congregation".
(a) Question: Since "1 by 1, to make a calculation" shows that every Perutah joins to make a big liability - why do we need "b'Sase'ah you send punishment on a person"?
(b) Answer: To teach as Rav Chinena.
(c) (Rav Chinena bar Papa): Hash-m does not punish a nation until it is ready for destruction - "b'Sase'ah you send punishment".
(d) Question: But Rava taught, the 3 cups (in the wine-steward's dream) of punishment of Mitzrayim - 1 they drank in Moshe's time, 1 in Paro-Nechoh's time, and 1 they will drink with the other nations.
1. Suggestion: Perhaps the original Mitzrim are gone, and new inhabitants of Mitzrayim suffer the latter 2 cups!
2. Rejection (Beraisa - R. Yehudah): Minyamin, the Mitzri covert was my colleague, a Talmid of R. Akiva;
i. He said - I am a 1st generation Mitzri (convert); I married a 1st generation Mitzris; I will marry my son off to a 2nd generation Mitzris, in order that my grandchildren will be permitted to marry Yisraelim.
(e) Correction: Rather, R. Chinena bar Papa taught thusly: "I, Hash-m, did not repeat, and I did not finish off Benei Ya'akov" - I, Hash-m, did not strike a nation twice, and I did not finish off Benei Ya'akov.
1. "I will finish my arrows on them" - my arrows will finish, they (Benei Yisrael) will not be finished.
(f) (Rav Hamnuna): Hash-m does not mete out punishment due to a person until his measure (of sin) is complete - "In the filling of his desire, it will be harsh for him."
(g) (R. Chinena bar Papa): "Tzadikim, rejoice in Hash-m, praise is Novo (fitting) for the straight" - read this as Naveh (habitation).
1. This refers to Moshe and David - their enemies did not have dominion over their works.
i. By David - "(The Temple's) gates sunk in the ground".
ii. By Moshe - When the 1st Temple was built, the Mishkan was hidden.
iii. Question: Where?
iv. Answer (Rav Chisda): Under the tunnels of the Temple.
(a) (Beraisa): A Sotah put her eyes on what was not fitting for her - she did not get what she wanted, and she lost what she had.
1. Anyone who puts his eyes on what is not fitting for him does not get what he wants, and loses what he had.

(b) The serpent put its eyes on what was not fitting for it (Chavah) - it did not get what it wanted, and it lost what it had.
1. Hash-m intended that it would be king over the animals - now, it is cursed more than all the animals;
2. Hash-m intended that it would walk erect - now, it goes on its belly;
3. Hash-m intended that it would eat human food - now, it eats dirt;
4. It intended to kill Adam and marry Chavah - now, Hash-m put enmity between it and Chavah, and between its descendants and hers.
(c) We also find by Kayin, Korach, Bil'am, Do'eg, Achitofel, Gechazi, Avshalom, Adoniyahu, Uziyahu, and Haman - each did not get what he wanted, and he lost what he had.
(d) (Mishnah): She started to sin with her thigh ...
(e) Question: How do we know that her thigh is stricken first?
(f) Answer: "Hash-m will cause your thigh to fall and your stomach to swell".
(g) Objection: But it also says "Her stomach will swell, her thigh will fall"!
(h) Answer (Abaye): The thigh is cursed first; the limbs are stricken as the water enters her, the stomach before the thigh.
(i) Objection: But also regarding the curse, it says, "To make the stomach swell and the thigh fall"!
(j) Answer: That is not the curse; rather, the Kohen tells her in what order her limbs will be stricken, so people will not say that the water did not test her as predicted.
(a) (Mishnah): Shimshon went after his eyes - therefore, Pelishtim gouged out his eyes;
(b) Avshalom was haughty about his hair, therefore he was hung by his hair;
1. Because he had relations with 10 concubines of his father, 10 spears were cast into him;
2. Because he stole (deceived) 3 hearts - his father's, Beis Din's, and Yisrael's - 3 staves were cast into his heart.
(c) Hash-m also rewards measure for measure.
1. Miryam waited a short time for Moshe - therefore, all of Yisrael waited 7 days for her (until her Tzara'as was cured).
2. Yosef was the greatest of his brothers, and he buried his father - he merited that Moshe engaged in his burial!
3. Moshe was the greatest in Yisrael, and he took Yosef's bones - he merited to be buried by Hash-m alone!
i. Hash-m engages in the burial of all Tzadikim - "Your righteousness will go before you, the honor of Hash-m will gather you".
(d) (Gemara - Beraisa): Shimshon rebelled with his eyes - "Take her for me, she is straight in my eyes"; therefore, Pelishtim gouged out his eyes;
(e) Question: But "It was from Hash-m" (that he desired the Pelishti women)!
(f) Answer: He chose the one that was nice in his eyes.
(g) (Beraisa - Rebbi): The beginning of Shimshon's downfall was in Azah, therefore he was stricken in Azah.
(h) Question: But he first took a Pelishti wife in Timnah!
(i) Answer: Still, the beginning of his downfall was in Azah (there, he had extramarital relations).
(a) (Beraisa - Rebbi): Delilah was fit to be called by her name - she Dildelah (uprooted) his strength, his heart, and his deeds.
1. She uprooted his strength - "His strength left him".
2. She uprooted his heart - "She saw that he had told her all his heart".
3. She uprooted his deeds - the Divine Presence left him - "He did not know that Hash-m had abandoned him".
(b) Question: How did she know that he had told her all his heart?
(c) Answer #1 (R. Chanin): Truth is recognizable.
(d) Answer #2 (Abaye): Shimshon said "I am a Nazir Elokim" - she knew that a Tzadik would not say Hash-m's name in vain.
(e) Question: "She pained him with her words every day, va'Te'altzehu" - what does Va'Te'altzehu mean?
(f) Answer (R. Yitzchak): She would separate from him just as he completed the marital act.
(g) Question #1: (The angel told Mano'ach's wife) "... do not eat anything Tamei" - what is this?
(h) Question #2: Until now, she ate Tamei foods?
(i) Answer (R. Yitzchak): This refers to things forbidden to a Nazir.
(j) (R. Yitzchak): "Hash-m split the gum in the jaw" - because Shimshon desired something Tamei (Pelishti women), Hash-m made his life dependent on something Tamei (a donkey).
(k) (R. Chama b'Rebbi Chanina): "va'Techal (began) the spirit of Hash-m" - Chalsah (took effect) the prophecy of Yakov - "Dan will be a serpent on the road".
(l) (R. Yitzchak): "Lifa'amo (to arouse him) in the camp of Dan" - the Divine Presence went before him as a bell-clapper (Pa'amon).
(m) (Rav Asi): "Between Tzor'ah and "Eshta'ol" - these are 2 great mountains, Shimshon uprooted them and ground them on each other.
(n) (R. Chama b'Rebbi Chanina): "He Yachel (began) to save Yisrael" - the oath of Avimelech was Huchal (profaned) - "If you will lie to my child or grandchild".
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