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Shekalim 22


QUESTION: Beis Hillel rules that the meat of Kodshei Kodshim that becomes Tamei is burned outside of the Azarah, unless it became Tamei inside the Azarah with Velad ha'Tum'ah, in which case it may be burned inside the Azarah. Bar Kapara, in the Gemara, explains that this Velad ha'Tum'ah refers to a Tum'ah d'Rabanan.

The Gemara challenges Bar Kapara and asks that according to Bar Kapara's opinion, Beis Hillel should not differentiate between an item that became Tamei inside the Azarah and one that became Tamei outside of the Azarah -- if Velad ha'Tum'ah is a Tum'ah d'Rabanan, then even if it became Tamei outside of the Azarah, it should be permitted to bring it back into the Azarah. The Gemara answers that Beis Hillel, according to Bar Kapara, follows the opinion of Rebbi Shimon, who says that the food of a Metzora must be kept out of the Mikdash (and the three Machanos). Likewise, meat which is Tamei must be sent out of the Mikdash.

If Beis Hillel holds like Rebbi Shimon, though, then even if it became Tamei with Velad ha'Tum'ah *inside* the Azarah, it should be sent out! Why is it permitted to be burned inside the Azarah?


(a) RABEINU MESHULAM, as well as the VILNA GA'ON (as explained by the TIKLIN CHADETIN), explain that Rebbi Shimon did not mean that the food of a Metzora must be sent out. Rather, if it is already out, then it must be *kept* out. But if it is in the Azarah, it does not have to be sent out. That is why Beis Hillel differentiates between meat that became Tamei in or out of the Azarah, where it became Tamei with a Velad ha'Tum'ah.

If it became Tamei with an Av ha'Tum'ah, though, why must it be sent out if it became Tamei inside the Azarah? Apparently, sending it out is only a Chumra d'Rabanan because of the severity of the Tum'ah, which is a Tum'ah d'Oraisa.

(b) RABEINU SHLOMO SIRILIYO explains that Rebbi Shimon's ruling was only stated with regard to the food of a *Metzora*. Rebbi Shimon derives from the verse that says "his dwelling place shall be outside of the Machaneh (Vayikra 13:46)" that the Metzora's *food* also must be outside of the Machaneh. A person's food is called his "dwelling place" (as the Gemara says in Eruvin 73a).

If the meat becomes Tamei with Velad ha'Tum'ah while it is outside the Azarah, it must remain outside of the Azarah because of this Halachah concerning the food of a Metzora. Even though the meat, in our case, is Kodshim, and not the food of a Metzora, the Rabanan decreed that the meat not be brought into the Azarah lest people confuse it with the food of a Metzora (perhaps because both are burned due to Tum'ah) and bring the food of a Metzora into the Azarah. However, when the meat became Tamei while inside the Azarah, no one will think that is the food of a Metzora, because there is no way that a Metzora could have brought his food into Yerushalayim.


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