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Shabbos 106


(a) What was Rebbi Yochanan's reaction, when Rebbi Avahu quoted the following Beraisa: 'Kol ha'Mekalkelin Peturin, Chutz me'Chovel u'Mazik'?

(b) How does Rebbi Avahu reconcile his Beraisa with our Mishnah, which writes 'Kol ha'Mekalkelin Peturin' (without any exceptions)?

(c) What is Rebbi Shimon's source for being Mechayev ...

  1. ... Mekalkel ba'Chubarah?
  2. ... Mav'ir ba'Chaburah?
2) How does Rebbi Yehudah counter Rebbi Shimon's proofs from Milah on Shabbos and the burning of a Bas Kohenr respectively?

3) Why did Rav Yosef sometimes demonstrate a Sit Pashut for bleaching, dyeing, etc., even though our Mishnah explicitely says 'ha'Sit Kaful'?


(a) Why is a bird not considered trapped in a room?

(b) Rebbi Yehudah holds that a deer is only trapped in a room.
What do the Chachamim say?

(c) What does Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel say about trapping a deer in an enclosure.

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(a) Why may one not feed a bird or an animal (that is not one's own) on Shabbos?

(b) How do we reconcile the Mishnah in Beitzah, which considers undomesticated animals in an enclosure, trapped, with the Beraisa, which does not?

(c) What is the problem with the Mishnah in Beitzah, which considers birds in an enclosure, trapped?

(d) Why can we not answer that *that* Mishnah is speaking about an enclosure without a ceiling, but in an enclosure *with* a ceiling, they are indeed trapped?

(a) How does the Gemara answer the apparent discrepancy between our Mishnah (which does not consider a bird trapped in an enclosure with a ceiling), and the Mishnah in Beitzah, which does?

(b) How can we establish even the Beraisa, which does not consider undomesticated animals trapped in an enclosure, even like the Rabbanan of our Mishnah.

(c) An enclosure that is small enough to catch an animal in one spurt, is called a small enclosure, according to the Rabbanan.
What are the other two interpretations of a small enclosure.

(a) What was Abaye's objection to Rav Yosef's ruling like Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel?

(b) What did Rav Yosef answer him?

(a) What is the difference between trapping a blind deer or one that is sleeping, on the one hand, and an old or sick one, on the other?

(b) How do we reconcile this with the Beraisa which rules that one *is* Chayav for trapping a sick deer?

(a) According to Rebbi Meir, one is Chayav for trapping all kinds of insects.
What do the Chachamim say in this regard?

(b) When is one Patur - even for trapping locusts, according to the Tana Kama of Rebbi Elazar ben Mahav'ai - in a second Beraisa?

(c) What leniency does Rebbi Elazar ben Mahav'ai add?

(a) Are two people Chayav for closing a door on a deer which enters a room by itself - according to the Chachamim?

(b) What does Rebbi Shimon say in this case?

(c) Is one Chayav for trapping a lion on Shabbos?

(a) If one person fills half the doorway of a room into which a deer entered, and a second person then fills the remaining space, who is Chayav?

(b) Who is Chayav if the first person actually filled up the entire doorway, and, when the second person sat beside (behind or in front of) him, he arose and walked away, leaving the deer trapped by the second person?

(c) What is the reason for this?

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