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Shabbos 89


(a) What did Hashem answer the Satan, when he asked where the Torah was?

(b) What did the earth, the sea and the depths all reply, when he asked them the same question?

(c) Why did Moshe tell the Satan (an apparent untruth) 've'Chi Mah Ani she'Nasan Li Hakadosh Baruch Hu Torah'?

(d) What is the significance of the Pasuk in Mal'achi "Zichru Toras Moshe Avdi" ... ?

(a) What did Moshe find Hashem doing when he arrived in heaven to receive the Torah?

(b) Why did he not greet Hashem?

(c) Why did he then say "ve'Atah Yigdal Na Ko'ach Hashem" (Shelach Lecha)?

(a) "Vayar ha'Am Ki *Boshesh* Moshe" (Ki Sisa). What does this mean?

(b) What do we learn from the Pasuk "Ki *Zeh* Moshe ha'Ish" ... ?

(c) What mistake did he make in their calculations?

(a) Har Sinai does not mean the mountain on which miracles were performed; nor does it mean the mountain on which a good Si'man occurred for Yisrael.
What then, *does* it mean?

(b) Why is it also referred to as ...

  1. ... Midbar Tzin?
  2. ... Midbar Kadesh?
  3. ... Midbar Paran?
(c) What was its real name?

(d) Others maintain that its real name was Har Sinai.
Why then, was it also called 'Har Chorev'?

Answers to questions


5) The Mishnah already Darshened the Pasuk "Im Yihyu Chata'echem ka'Shanim, ka'Sheleg Yalbinu".
But why does the Navi use the plural form of 'ka'Shanim', and not 'ka'Shani'?


(a) What did Yisrael hold against Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya'akov?

(b) What was Hashem's response to Yisrael?

(c) What is the meaning of the Pasuk in Yeshayah "Ki Avraham Lo Yeda'enu, ve'Yisrael Lo Yakirenu"?

(d) Why did Hashem 'think' that, even though Avraham did not answer favorably for Klal Yisrael, Ya'akov would?

(a) What will Yitzchak respond to the question 'Banecha Chat'u?

(b) How will he then go on to defend Klal Yisrael?

(c) How will Yitzchak react to their initial statement of 'Ata Avinu'!?

(d) What is the significance of the Pasuk 'Ata Hashem Avinu Go'aleinu me'Olam Shemecha'!

8) Ya'akov Avinu was destined to go down to Egypt in chains.
Why, in fact, did this not happen?


(a) What is the Shiur for carrying out ...
  1. ... wood?
  2. ... spices?
(b) Do different spices combine to make up the Shiur?

(c) What is the Shiur for carrying out dyeing materials, such as soft nut-shells, pomegranate peels etc.?

(d) According to the Tana Kama, the Shiur for carrying out urine, Neser (a type of grass, which, like all the other commodities in this list, works as a detergent) and Alkali (Kemuni'ah) etc., is the same as that of the dyeing materials. What does Rebbi Yehudah say about the last four: Neser, Boris, Kemuni'ah and Ashlag.

(a) Since the Tana (above 80b) already gave us the Shiur for a broken cane, why does he need to repeat the same Shiur by wood?

(b) The Tana of our Mishnah rules that mixture of spices combines to make up the Shiur.
What does Chizkiyah say to explain the Mishnah in Orlah, which writes that a variety of spices combine to make up the Shiur regarding Orlah, which appears to clash with our Mishnah?

(c) How does the Gemara reconcile our Mishnah with the Mishnah in Orlah?

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