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Shabbos 71


(a) If someone reaped and ground twice, the first time be'Zadon Shabbos ve'Shigegas Melachos, and the second, be'Shigegas Shabbos ve'Zadon Melachos. Then he became aware, first of the second transgression, then of the first. How many Chata'os will he be obligated to bring ...
  1. ... according to Rava (or Rabah - see Mesores ha'Shas, 72b)?
  2. ... according to Abaye? What are their reasons?
(b) If someone eats two Kezeisim of Chelev within one He'elam, remembers the one and brings a Chatas for it, and then remembers the other, on what grounds is he Patur from bringing a Chatas on the second Kezayis?

(c) What did Rava originally hold in a case where he ate a third Kezayis after he realized that he had eaten the first Kezayis, but before he realized that he had eaten the second?

(d) What made him change his mind?

(a) What is obvious to Abaye and Rava, was not so obvious to Rebbi Zeira (or to Rebbi Yirmiyah, according to others).
What was Rebbi Zeira's Safek (regarding two half-Kigerogeros)?

(b) How many Chata'os is a man obligated to bring if eats - in one He'elam ...

  1. ... one Kezayis of Chelev, one of blood, one of Nosar and one of Pigul?
  2. ... two Kezeisim of Chelev?
(c) Does it make any difference whether he eats them within a Kedei Achilas P'ras or not?

(d) If someone eats two *half*-Kezeisei Chelev outside the time period of Kedei Achilas P'ras, is he obligated to bring a Chatas?

(a) What is the Chidush of the Mishnah, which obligates someone who ate first one half-Kezayis of Chelev, and then another - within a Kedei Achilas P'ras? How does the Gemara initially establish this Mishnah according to Rebbi Yehoshua?

(b) Why does this create a Kashya on Rebbi Asi - who resolved Rebbi Zeira's Sha'aleh (in 2a) by saying that since Shigegas Shabbos ve'Zadon Melachos followed by Zadon Shabbos ve'Shigegas Melachos (by two *whole* Kezeisim) divides the Chata'os into two, it will also not combine in the equivalent case by two *half"-Kezeisim)? How does it render his decision meaningless?

(c) The Gemara answers 'Mar a'Reisha Masni Lei, ve'Kashya Lei; Anan a'Seifa Masninan Lei, ve'Lo Kashya Lan'!
What does this mean? What is the Gemara's answer?

(d) Then what is the Chidush of the Reisha? Is it not obvious that Min Echad ve'Tamchuy Echad is Chayav (Rabban Gamliel)?

Answers to questions



(a) If someone eats two Kezeisim of Chelev in one He'elam, and became aware that he had eaten, first the one Kezayis, then the other, Rebbi Yochanan obligates him to bring two Chata'os,
How does he learn this from the Pasuk in Vayikra "Al Chataso ve'Hevi"?

(b) What does Resh Lakish learn from "me'Chataso ve'Nislach Lo"?

(c) What does Resh Lakish do with the Pasuk "Al Chataso" etc.?

(d) And what does Rebbi Yochanan do with the Pasuk "me'Chataso" etc.?

(a) According to one side of Ravina's Sha'aleh, Rebbi Yochanan and Resh Lakish argue over whether 'Yedi'os Mechalkos' or not, but even Resh Lakish will agree that 'Hafrashah Mechalekes'.
What does this mean?

(b) What is the second side of the Sha'aleh?

(c) Abaye and Rava learnt earlier that Yedi'ah does not divide for Chata'os.
Like whom will they hold, Rebbi Yochanan or Resh Lakish?

(a) What is the third possible way of learning the Machlokes between Rebbi Yochanan and Resh Lakish?

(b) We established above that the Pasuk "Al Chataso ve'Hevi" (according to Resh Lakish) refers to after the Kaparah (when he is Chayav for each Kezayis that he ate); and that the Pasuk "me'Chataso ve'Nislach Lo" (according to Rebbi Yochanan) refers to someone who ate one and a half Kezeisim - etc.
How does the Gemara attempt to prove from there like the third side of Ravina's Sha'aleh?

(c) How does the Gemara reject the proof?

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